Springfield is in Massachusetts in the United States

by : Douglas Scott

Springfield is a city in Massachusetts, United States. It sits on the bank of the Connecticut River, just a few miles north of the border between Massachusetts and Connecticut. Along the river, the city is fairly low and flat. Moving outward from the river, the terrain becomes hillier, most prominently along State Street and Belmont Avenue.

The Battle of Wilsons Creek was fought in the first year of the American Civil War near Springfield and the site is now a national battlefield monument. Today the city is a regional agribusiness centre and a dairy product shipping centre. It was citied to have excellent public schools, low health care costs, and high quality of life.

Just bring your car if you come. Urban Sprawl is spreading throughout the USA, and Springfield is no exception. It once boasted a central downtown, but a couple generations of city planners stretched roads farther and farther southwards, and the headaches infrastructure and now the towns about as centralized and cohesive as a trash fire in a dynamite factory.

Bradley International Airport serves as the main gateway to the city from other parts of the world. Amtrak station that handles several trains links the city with other cities. Buses include the other forms of public transportation in the city. Highways, expressways and freeways constitute the wide road network in the city.

Having a number of Victorian mansions, Springfield is known as the City of Homes. It is the largest city on the Connecticut River and the largest city in Western Massachusetts. It is also the county seat of Hampden County.

More than 7,500 miles of shoreline, along accessible lakes and floatable streams and rivers, are within a 100 mile radius of the city. Excellent hunting, camping and fishing are found throughout the area.

Springfield is part of a resort area whose primary attractions are the largest cave in North America, an outdoor exotic animal park, and Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, one of the most visited tourist attraction in the state.

Springfield has been home to a number of minor league baseball franchises, the last club leaving the city after 2001. Today, the city is host to the Springfield Junior Blues, a minor league hockey team, and the Springfield Stallions, an indoor football team who played at the Prairie Capital Convention Centre in 2007, though the team failed to complete the season due to financial difficulties.

Springfield experiences typical middle latitude weather. Hot summers and cold winters are the norm.