Providence is Full Of History

by : Douglas Scott

Providence is the capital and the most populous city of the US state of Rhode Island. It is one of the first cities established in the United States. Situated at the mouth of the Providence River, on Narragansett Bay, the cities is crisscrossed by seemingly erratic streets and a rapidly changing demographic using them.

Once a seafaring and trading town, the city has survived the economic decline that began after World War II to become one of New Englands major commercial, financial and industrial centres. It is also one of the largest jewellery manufacturers in the country.

Providence is a small, friendly city full of history, culture and diverse immigrant communities. A famous religious freedoms advocate, Roger Williams, founded Providence in 1636, when he purchased the land from the Narragansett Indian tribe.

A statue of Roger Williams in Prospect Park on the East Sides College Hill commands a breathtaking view of downtown Providence.

It is the place for you whether your interests lie in architecture, art, gourmet food, history, music, nature, or shopping.

Benefit Street boasts the most impressive concentration of original colonial homes in America, Federal Hill is Providences own Little Italy with gourmet Italian restaurants, sidewalk cafes, specialty shops, and boutiques.

In the last few years, downtown has been undergoing a striking renaissance that has added an official Arts and Entertainment district.

The recent renaissance has triggered new investment within the city, including many new condo projects, hotels, and a new office high rise, which are quickly filling in more of the land freed up by the railroad relocation.

However, some fear that the new development will ruin the historic look of the city. Additional concerns include an policy for several of the new luxury high rises.

Despite new investment, poverty remains an entrenched problem as it does in most post industrial New England cities. Nearly 30 percent of the city population lives below the poverty line.

You can enjoy a visit here any time of year if you prepare for the weather and are wary of the busy times such as Thanksgiving when hotels, inns, restaurants and transportation are filled to capacity.

Without doubt, the most popular times to tour New England are summer June, July and August and the autumn foliage season September and October unless youre coming for skiing.

Come and enjoy yourself anytime and have fun.Its a great place to be, see for yourself.