La Laguna is in Tenerife

by : Douglas Scott

La Laguna for short in Spanish for the Lagoon.

It is in the northern part of the Tenerife. The city is also a suburban area of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife area. La Laguna is Tenerifes second most important city. It is the old Capital of the Island until 1723 and situated just inland from Santa Cruz in the Aguere Valley amid a beautiful countryside.

The Weather on Tenerife changes considerably depending on your location. The warmest climate can be found on the south and west sides of the island. The coastal areas enjoy the most sunshine, the best weather, the least clouds and highest temperatures.

It is the religious capital, due to the fact that the provinces Bishopric. Its urban design its neatly arranged.

The University of La Laguna is situated here and therefore there is a high degree of students in this area.

The active working population is employed mostly in the services sector together with transportation, communications and commerce. Construction overrides the industry in importance.

The whole city is full of outstanding architectural monuments, palaces and traditional houses of the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The Cathedral built in 1515 which has a beautiful arched nave of illuminated stained glass and behind the high the alter is the tomb of Logo Conquistador de Tenerife y La Palma.

The oldest church is Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion built in 1502 and used by the conquistadors to baptize the Guanche leaders as part of there conquest of the islands.

The Teatro Leal a triple tiered hall holding regular concerts. Plaza del Adelantado the central square and main area for shops bars and restaurants in between the cathedral and the main road.

Friendly and easygoing people are found here. Usually willing to help and proud to show visitors their culture and countryside. Having been a bridge between Europe and the rest of the world for so long, there is a great ethnic mix of people who are fully integrated into society.

The importance of the city now extends beyond local and national boundaries. Its increasing worldwide reputation is attracting more and more visitors, supported by a very visible advertising campaign and the activities of the group of Spanish cities with World Heritage status

La Lagunas Municipal boundaries extend to the towns of Tejina and Valle Guerra very rich agricultural areas as well as Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo, which have become tourist resorts with first class hotels, natural swimming pools and extraordinary landscapes. Come and see for yourself.