Rewarding Careers For The Language Skilled

by : tjacowski

Why It Is Important To Be Language Skilled

Broadens Career Options: Not only does learning foreign languages improve your job performance, it also increases your value as an employee. This in turn can improve your chances of getting a raise or a promotion.

Increases Job Opportunities: Hotel and restaurant, tourism, marketing, advertising, military and defense, and journalism are some of the industries that require multi-lingual people. Being able to interact with clients and customers in their language makes them feel more comfortable.

In addition, learning several languages can give you the opportunity of getting a project in a new country. The potential of the knowledge and expertise gained could create an entirely new plateau in your profession, or a new job opportunity altogether.

Liberal Arts Are Being Increasingly Sought After: These days many employers are searching for flexible employees with extensive abilities and skill sets. Communication skills and business skills combined with foreign language abilities are what most managers are seeking today.

Satisfying Careers for the Language Skilled

Some of the careers to be explored if you can speak foreign languages fluently are:

Translators: Translators have a wide variety of job opportunities. They can find jobs in magazines, books, the news and other media. Translators need to be well read, and be well versed with the current magazine and newspaper jargon in different languages. Most translators are required to specialize in particular fields.

Interpreters: Interpreters are required to translate from one language to another almost instantaneously. This is what makes this career one of the most demanding ones. Hence, skilled interpreters are much in demand these days. They are required to be comfortable and confident in each of the languages they interpret.

Teaching: For some, this is the most satisfying career to be pursued with their foreign language skills. Since many people are seeking to become language skilled these days, trained teachers of languages are in demand.

International Humanitarian Organizations: These organizations provide first aid, emotional support, medical treatment and even lifeline support in areas that have been destroyed by natural calamities, civil unrest and wars. Since most of these people require care and nurture, it is important to communicate with them in their own tongue. As the nature of the job is worldwide, the more languages you know, the better are your chances of working with such organizations.

Whatever your career goals are, being language skilled is very beneficial. People who speak foreign languages fluently can relate to people from all over the world, and can adapt to different situations. These days teaching language-learning techniques have been improved. Graduated steps that are devised to build language skills and improve vocabulary in the foreign language are useful for mastering any language you choose.