Kiev Stag Nights

by : Simon Kennedy

Kiev (or Kyiv in Ukrainian spelling) is the right place of any party group that would like to experience exciting nightlife with a lot of opportunities to mingle with locals. Due to the large size of the city and the fact that Kiev tourism potential is much higher as current number of travellers, the concentration of foreigners is low. The locals are in general very hospitable and the city centre is very safe. You can meet a lone girl passing through half-dark underground corridors after midnight as it would be on noon.

Kreshatik is the high-street of Kiev with most expensive boutique shops and brands like Louis Vuitton or Gucci and at anytime full of people. They are not just walking around but in warm weather majority of them will have a bottle of beer or local non-alcoholic drink kvas in their hands. Young people sit here in small groups as in any other city. As of evening Kreshatik is full of street artists and people are gathering in small crowds to watch them.

Both Ukrainian and Russian are spoken in Kiev. The difference between the two languages is not noticeable for a person who does not have at least basic knowledge of one of these languages. Both are using the Cyrillic alphabet, therefore understanding of the inscription will be like deciphering of hieroglyphs (at least at the beginning). With little effort you will be able to discover beer on menu by noticing the word beer in both Ukrainian and Russian, which is ПÐ?Ð?Ð?.

The most popular day time activity for stag travellers to Kiev is shooting. The span of weapons available starts from old-fashioned bows and crossbows, through pistols and clay pigeon rifles to Kalashnikovs and sniper guns. The shooting range which is around half hour from downtown includes not only shooting-galleries, but area for tank driving and shooting club restaurant with barbeque meals.

As the night begins the pulsating downtown is the right place to have fun and enjoy the hospitality of Ukrainians. To learn some local habits a special Vodka Tasting Dinner is served in traditional restaurant. The art of vodka drinking in Russian style is taught and three rounds of double vodkas are complemented by typical hors d'oeuvres - zakuski and some of the best vodka stories you ever heard.

Although you will like the traditional Ukrainian kitchen, the centre of city offers other venues with more international flavours like Caribbean bars with latin music, modern disco halls with the best of techno, house, rave and other electronic styles, as well as fancy Italian and French cuisine restaurants, divers fast foods, German beer house or Irish pub. The dance clubs open after eight, but the mood is culminating around midnight and the party goes on until early morning.

Kiev is connected to Western Europe with many daily flights. Direct connections to all major capitals like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Stockholm and Vienna are operated both by Ukrainian and European airlines and there are other cities like Frankfurt and Munich in Germany or Milan in Italy with frequent flights. The distance is a little longer then to Central Europe stag destinations; so many groups are coming for three days to use the opportunity to enjoy the city to full extent.

Accommodation is available in all categories, you may stay in cheap hotels of Soviet times, modern three star properties or luxury palaces, all located in neighbourhood of divers pubs, cafes and bistros to start you party somewhere close. A popular alternative for individuals or few friends are the short-term rental apartments which can host up to 5 persons.

If you are looking to organize the last weekend of freedom for a friend or even for yourself there is no better place as Kiev, the capital of stag parties (and capital of Ukraine as well). For further information on offer for stag do in Kiev please visit Kiev Stags .