Medical Insurance for Canada Visitors

by : C.raysondeo

If you avail of the services of the visitor health insurance of Canada then you will be covered for any illness or accident while in Canada. Canada is a popular destination for foreign visitors because of its warm traditions and culture, excellent lifestyle and superb picturesque surroundings.

Canada also has the strongest economy in the G8. Due to the efficient and flourishing economical progress of Canada, it is fast becoming a favorite place for business travelers, new immigrants, foreign workers and international students.

Also, Canada is filled with scores of elderly people due to which a lot of quality medicinal treatments are required. Therefore there is lots of load on the medical situation in Canada. The Canadian health care expenses compete the US as the most expensive in the world.

Medical costs in Canada include ambulance, doctor visits, non-critical hospital stay costs, air ambulance and so on, which will approximately cost up to $100.

Medical expenses can be real damaging towards your savings. If you want to enjoy a peaceful life in Canada, it is best to be insured while you visit this region. Surprisingly, medical insurance, here, is quite affordable.
Example: good individual coverage can be purchased for a 40 yr old for around $4 per day, and an entire family can be covered at around $14 per day.

Various plans for all kinds of visitors are made available by the Canadian visitors insurance companies. Whether you are a new immigrant, business traveler, foreign worker or just on a vacation to Canada, there are all plans to suit your needs that too at an affordable rate.

Business travelers and tourists visiting Canada: Visitor Medical insurance is important to cover high costs of medical care. Visitor to Canada emergency medical coverage is available her to help you deal with medical emergencies as well as accidents. You can avail insurance coverage up to the age of 89 years. No medical questions are required but pre-existing medical conditions will likely be excluded from coverage.

New immigrants to Canada : the new immigrants to Canada are not suitable for the health insurance plans unless they have immigrant or permanent resident status.

Foreign workers in Canada: There are plenty of labor jobs in Canada that attract thousands of immigrants each year. Sadly, work visas are issued only for a period of six months. This means private visitor health insurance must be purchased to cover emergency medical costs for the time spent living in Canada on a temporary work visa.

Inpatriate Medical Insurance: Employers can provide visitor medical insurance to foreign workers by purchasing Inpatriate Medical Insurance. Inpatriate Medical Insurance can be purchased for the six month work visa. Inpatriate insurance can be purchased for durations as short as one month for workers who have already arrived in Canada. Single, Couple, or family coverage is also available. Inpatriate medical Insurance coverage differs from Visitors Medical Insurance as it provides excellent coverage for non-medical emergencies.

Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance: Foreign labors that are not provided coverage by their employers will be required to purchase private medical insurance. Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance is available for personal coverage for your entire work visa term in Canada. With the high cost of health care in Canada it is recommended that foreign worker purchase the best coverage amount. Single, spouse, or family coverage is also available herein.

Health and hospital insurance: This will provide the students with complete health coverage. Non-emergency and prescription drugs are also covered along with emergency medical coverage. Coverage by means of visitors insurance is also provided for the students spouse and family if they are residing in Canada.

Emergency medical insurance : A coverage similar to the health and hospital plan but it doesn't cover the non-emergency medical and the prescription drugs are limited for a supply of thirty days. By purchasing visitors insurance you can enjoy the financial safety and peace of mind.

Make sure that you are safe and enjoy 'peace of mind' during you stay in Canada by purchasing medical insurance.

International students in Canada: Canada is the world leader in education. Many international students choose Canada as their destination for their education. Not all students are offered health insurance, only those who are eligible may have to wait at least for 3-4 months before the coverage becomes effective. Private visitor medical insurance will be required. International students can choose to purchase complete health and hospital insurance or only emergency visitor medical insurance.