Holiday Rentals In Spain

by : Anna Stenning

Visiting Spain during the summer is a refreshing and relaxing way of recharging your batteries, and unwinding. These days many people prefer not to book hotels or hostels, opting to rent out a self-service apartment or villa. Apartments and villas in Spain are thanfully no longer a luxury stay just for the rich and wealthy, but are available to everyone even for those travelling on a budget (this of course depends upon your personal requirements).

Some luxurious villas in Spain can be very expensive to rent, as they may contain luxury items that include an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, Jacuzzi, mini spa, sauna, steam room, mini bar or even be situated on a golfing ranch. The villas can vary in rental price and usually come fully equipped with in-house services. All facilities are catered for, therefore you would normally expect nothing short of five-star treatment as you would expect in a hotel.

The big difference is that you are still entitled to some independence and are not bound by a curfew, as you would normally be in a hotel. Budget villas in Spain are very different from the luxurious ones and can often lack in cleaning or catering services. These self-service villas are smaller and may not have a swimming pool, although many do or are situated near a beach. The downside to renting a villa is that they very often do not provide internet access with some lacking in telephone access as well.

Apartments in Spain are much more affordable than villas, as they are smaller and very often have no services included in the price package. The idea is that you feel like you are living in Spain rather than taking a short trip holiday. These are provided with your own set of keys so you can come in and out of your apartment as you wish. You are also normally provided with cutlery, crockery, furniture, personal facilities and sometimes a television.

Nearly all villas in Spain include a television set, whether the villa is shared or privately rented. A typical villa to rent can cost between 100 and 150 Euros a night, if it is economy standard. This seems steep in price, but factors such as the location and facilities contribute to the overall pricing. For a better deal in renting, it is always best to rent on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis, which normally cost around 1000 Euros.

Apartments can range from 50 to 300 Euros a week, which is a prominent difference between the two properties. You should be aware that the two buildings are very different and most apartments are located in the main town centre area. Villas are commonly located near mountainous areas with splendid panoramic views, but are not usually near any local amenities or shops. In this case you will need to arrange your own means of transportation either by hiring a car or finding the nearest public transport.

A cheaper way of renting villas in Spain is to lodge with a family or the property owner, this way you are able to enjoy living in a large spacious area with services, but you will lack exclusivity. Apartments are generally good for short or long-term stay. Villas are a better value for long-term stay, therefore it is a good idea to calculate how much you can actually afford and how much you are looking to spend on accommodation alone.