Romantic Limo Tour In Sacramento

by : Kris Koonar

So, your wedding anniversary is just around the corner and you want to surprise your beloved with a romantic and memorable vacation. Sacramento is the perfect vacationing spot for couples of all ages. Sacramento, the utopia of the West, is situated in a scenic valley of bubbling brooks and verdant, leafy canopies. Twenty first century Sacramento is an eclectic blend of quaint little restaurants and eateries, charming Victorians, avant-garde buildings and a vibrant and dynamic social life. With its multiethnic blend of art and culture, Sacramento is a kaleidoscope of contemporary and traditional art facilities.

In the days gone by, Sacramento was home to a number of western legacies including 'The Wild Wild West' one and with its modern day attractions like the upscale art galleries and the wine tours, who wouldn't want to spend time with their loved ones in Sacramento?

Blessed with perfect weather all year round, Sacramento is known to have some of the most beautiful and romantic spots in all of the United States. To add a ash of comfort and luxury to all of those dreamy and magical romantic moments that you and your beloved might have when vacationing in Sacramento, its time for you to hire a limo! From anniversaries to honeymoons, taking a Sacramento limousine tour is by far the most romantic and trendy way to spend time with the man or woman of your dreams.

What's more, Sacramento is also home to a large number of tourist attractions, making it a lot more exciting for all those couples out there. From wine tasting to hot air ballooning to even riding in the back of a luxury limo through luscious vineyards, Sacramento is indeed very special for lovebirds all over the country. So, if you finally decide to spend your vacation time touring in the back of a limo, then you'll probably discover some of the most breathtaking sights that California has to offer. The moderate climate adds to the fun and excitement of touring in a chauffeur driven limo. Many surveys have shown that Sacramento was ranked amongst the top fifteen hottest honeymoon vacation spots in the United States.

The best way to enjoy your anniversary vacation is to simply do what the locals do. Hire a luxury limo and start touring from Old Sacramento, known to the locals as Old Town. Situated in downtown Sacramento, Old Sacramento is easily accessible by all freeways. If you'd prefer to drive your own limo instead of it being chauffeur driven, then you have to be familiar with all the directions and landmarks. For a fairytale holiday, you could book a room for two at some of the ritzy hotels like the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza or the Delta King.

Spend quality time with your partner visiting old museums while discovering and exploring the past glory of Sacramento. A short trip in the limo will take you to the famous Sacramento Zoo. From here, you could probably head East towards the gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountains and pass by the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Tahoe where you can make a quick stopover for a fun round of skiing, gaming, wining and dining. Heading west towards the Interstate 80, you could move towards Napa Valley wine country. Being one of the most spectacular vacationing spots ever, traveling through Napa Valley in a limo with your partner makes for a magical and unforgettable experience; an experience that the two of you will cherish for a lifetime.

Apart from going out sightseeing with your partner, the two of you could spend a romantic evening over a heavenly candlelight dinner in any of the cozy and intimate restaurants that the city has to offer. Besides doing all of these normal things, spending the entire day in a spa can be quite romantic. Get yourself an exotic spa treat like a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage or even the Thai yoga.

Now if reading about all this makes you wonder how much the whole vacation might cost, then read further! Yes, limo tours do sound like expensive treats but the price of a limo tour is a lot more reasonable that you can imagine. Limo touring in Sacramento will probably highlight your vacation time, giving you and your partner some of the most special and romantic memories ever. Besides, what better way to celebrate your anniversary?