A Guide To Better Bartending Jobs

by : tjacowski

Skills Needed

To be a bartender, you need to have certain common skills, such knowing what makes a good drink, good communication, efficiency and speed. You need to be patient while searching for a bartending job in a good bar or club. Always keep searching for better bartending positions. This way you can get more raises or opt for more top shifts.

Bartending Schools And Training

One of the easiest ways to doing a good job behind the bar is attending a Mixology School, also commonly known as Bartending School or Bartending Training, which is also available online. Mixology is the art of mixing a good drink.

It is a good way to acquire knowledge required to become a bartender and gives you the cutting edge in the market. It not only helps you to earn better, but also earns you the pleasure of your customers, and happy customers means better tips for you. The training helps you create your own special recipes to attract customers and increase your chances of receiving good tips. Creating an original drink gives you recognition and larger clientele even if you switch bars. Having knowledge about different drinks and being able to create unique drinks according to the various customer's taste and preferences will help increase business.

Learn tricks of the trade. Tend your bar with flair - learn how to spin the bottle or slide glasses across the counter. This will attract attention and draw more clientele towards you. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the bartenders. Speed is another vital quality that a bartender must have. The more drinks you serve and please your customers, the more valuable you are to management.

Its All About Communication Skills

Good communication and rapport building with your customers is essential. Networking with the right kind of people and providing good quality of service will help you rise to the position of Head Bartender. Customer service and satisfaction will earn you more money. Rise above your peers by going out of your way and doing that extra bit just to please your customers.

Age Restrictions

Another very important criteria to be kept in mind before you decide to become a bartender is your age. Each state has it's own set of rules and regulations and age limit starting from 17 to 21, that may require a bartender to take a class and be certified to serve alcohol.

Bartenders can make large amounts of money if they are good behind the bar. Take pride in your work and earn your worth as a bartender. See to it that your customers are taken care of who in return will take care of you by rewarding you with generous amount of tips. A secret to good bartending is to have a good time while pouring out those drinks and keeping your cool at the same time. With the proper training, honesty and hard work you can land some of the best bartending jobs and earn a very good living!