A List of Colorado Ski Resorts To Consider Trying

by : Alainschuster

For anyone who enjoys skiing being able to find their perfect resort is all important if they want to really enjoy their hobby. Certainly the list of Colorado ski resorts that we provide in this article are renowned for offering some of the best slopes in the world today.

The resorts in this part of the USA are well equipped and offer you a variety of different skiing challenges in order to really test your abilities, and this is a reason why so many people choose to visit them each year. But these resorts don't offer only slopes for those with experience but have ones available that are suitable for those who have never skied before.

However, you need to be aware that each ski resort in Colorado differs greatly from the others in relation to how accessible they are and the kinds of amenities they offer their guests. But it isn't just skiing that people visit these resorts for there are plenty of other types of winter activities one can enjoy during your stay. There are over 20 different ski resorts in Colorado that one can spend time at and below we take a look at some of the more popular ones.

1. Aspen - This is situated in the county of Pitkin, Colorado and is situated very close to the town after which the resort is named. It lies between two mountain ranges, to the North is Aspen and to the South is Bell. Although it may be one of the smallest resorts for skiing in Colorado it has proven popular each year because the slopes are smooth and of a very high quality.

2. Snowmass - This resort is considerably larger than that of Aspen and covers an area of more than 3,000 acres. As well as offering slopes that are perfect for the complete novice skier here you can find ones that are far more challenging if you have the experience.

3. Copper Mountain - This resort is in fact made up of several others and is one of the largest of them all and situated in Summit County, Colorado. Certainly this is a resort whose name is recognized by skiers around the world and is famed for offering so much variety. Along with slopes designed to help get you on your way when first learning to ski this resort in Colorado is one that offers greater challenges to the more experienced skiers amongst us.

The main locations which make up this resort include Beaver Creek where regularly Alpine Skiing World Cup events take place. Vail the sister resort of Beaver Creek and another where many skiing events and competitions take place. Then there is also Wolf Creek which is popular and well known for the amount of snow that appears on its slopes each year.

In this article we have offered you a brief insight into some of Colorado's ski resorts which people return to year after year in the winter months. Yet this list of Colorado ski resorts does not only offer great skiing, but spectacular views of the area and also the chance to spend time with likeminded souls.