Experiencing The Real Spain In Spanish Villas

by : Anna Stenning

Going on holiday to Spain last year gave me a real buzz and a new love for the beach. Having an already skin tone, I never felt the need to go sunbathing on a beach, but I realised on my last visit that it was much more than just getting a sun tan! The experience itself made me feel uplifted, confident, revitalised and best of all relaxed!

My accommodation was a self-service apartment based at the heart of Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, which was fine for me, as I had no intentions of staying indoors all day. The resort was surrounded by large houses and buildings, which at the time I had no idea that they were rented villas for short term stay and frequent holiday makers.

I did notice however, that there were people who had decided to take their trip one-step further by renting out Spanish villas. These villas provided people with fully catered facilities, such as cleaning, cooked meals and entertainment equipments (indoor bar, television and sometimes-broadband internet). Some of the cheaper villa accommodations may include sharing with other people and independent use of their own facilities.

Some of these Spanish villas are best experienced with services included into the package. This makes for a more relaxing experience without the worry of doing your own cleaning or cooking your own meals. However, the downside is making sure you make it on time for meal times as most come with continental breakfast and sometimes with cooked dinner. This would be good for people who do not have intention of going out a lot and want to stay indoors more.

Staying in Spanish villas will mean that you are further away from any main city centre spots as many of these villas are located nearer the countryside or in the outskirts of the holiday destination. Some villas are smaller, but are situated near the main centre areas with beachfront views. These tend to be more expensive because of their location, easy access to local amenities and have good transportation links.

The villas that are situated in remote areas nearer the countryside indeed have great views and beautiful surrounding sceneries; however, they may exclude internet and even a telephone line. Therefore, you will need to look into the basic facilities offered in these villas.

Very often with a packaged holiday in Spain, you get what you pay for, but with a bit of research and hunting around you may be lucky enough to find something that will offer something slightly more generous for the asking price. These can be booked up very quickly so it is a good idea to start searching for these early on when looking to book a holiday. Villas have quickly become a popular choice for accommodation in Spain. These can be booked through an agency or directly with an independent owner.

Many of these Spanish villas can be booked online and are guaranteed to have pictures on the website. If you are unsure about staying in your chosen villa then going for one with recent pictures and good reviews will be the best option for you. You can find out more about the villas by reading up on forums and discussion boards where people talk about their experiences in the villa.

Do not be disheartened by the odd bad review, some people have different expectations from you, so their bad experiences maybe due to a difference in preferences. Those that have good reviews out-numbering the bad reviews are worth going for in my opinion!