Hotel Anphitrite in Morocco

by : Andrew

Morocco is a wonderful eastern country, with its interesting culture and traditions. One of the most famous places of rest is Amphitrite Beach, situated on the Atlantic Coast not far from Rabat, the capital of Morocco. This beach is a famous place of Rabatis and also it is main destination of the village population. The population of the beach is socially dissimilar and heterogeneous. It reflects the social separation in Morocco.
From the seaside of the beach the view is amazing and large. Not far from it, there is a big Amphitrite Hotel, a two-story building, named after the beach. The hotel is very beautiful inside. It has very interesting planning, which helps to separate public part from more calm places. On the one side there is a crowded public beach, overhung by the chain of timber lodges. The stern wall disconnects the beach of the hotel from the public beach. If look at this wall from the public beach side it is covered with holes, which became a shelter for lizards. The beach is always full of people of different age. They are riding water motorcycles. Actually, the government of the hotel can propose different ways of how to spend time perfectly. At the day time a lot of attractions are at the tourists' disposal.
At noon, everybody goes to a restaurant, where only the best chefs are always ready to propose something tasty. There one can find dishes from Moroccan and European cuisines. The prices are expensive enough. For example, lunch for two can cost about hundred dollars; it is a monthly salary of a worker.
At nights, hotel can propose various entertainment programs, such as dancing, casino, restaurant and disco bars. Everybody cam choose the way of spare time for his own taste.