Free Time in London

by : Dillan Carr

If you have some free time to spend in London, you have a lot of things to do. London's stations weren't on purpose sited close to interesting traveler sights - still if you are aware where to look, lots of of them have wonderful places to visit. For those going to the east of the state, Liverpool Street suggests some attractive options. So, it's chiefly Bangladeshi district, with curry cafes and a mosque engaging what was previously a typical synagogue. Actors started to occupy the ancient brewery houses on Brick Lane and even now there exists a bakery suggesting lox bagels. During days-off, there's a full of activity street market as well.
When you're going south, quite a lot of exciting places to engage your free time suggests London Bridge Station. For example, Southwark Cathedral, though not of the same range with Westminster Abbey, is sure to occupy the moment. There is Shakespeare's brother grave in this place, and there is a splendid Gothic altar panel. Close by is the cleaned out fortress of the Bishops of Winchester, more over the New Globe Theatre, a true replica still on a new location, adding to the Shakespearian association. A bit further is Cardinal's Wharf, where one can see seventeenth-century buildings; Christopher Wren settled here during the construction work of St Paul's, more over he had himself to take a boat trip over the river every daybreak.
In case you are going west, stroll down the Grand Union Canal previous to your going. Current regeneration works comprised the construction of a walker pavement along the canal, formerly closed, the entire road to Little Venice where you can enjoy white stucco residence fronts and blossoming charm. Here you can see a splendid art gallery and a marionette theatre on a canal vessel, in addition to the Warwick Castle bar. In case you have some more hours, take a journey on a narrow yacht.
Drummond Street, round the corner, with a few of South Indian vegetarian cafes for vegetarians plus more conservative curry cafes is a real zest for tourists. There are Indian candy stores, as well, several even covered with gold leaf. You cannot resist them especially when having a sweet tooth.