A Jamaica Self Catering Villa at Port Antonio

by : Ben Thompson

A Caribbean Vacation Villa on Jamaica overlooking San San Bay called Goblin Hill Villas could almost be a villa hotel, and it certainly is a way of having an affordable holiday in Jamaica, that is essentially self catering but almost feels like a hotel. The only thing it lacks is a restaurant, but the self catering is limited to helping your maid cum cook to do the shopping, because the food she will cook for you is quite outstanding.

To look in more detail at Goblin Hill Villas, because the first thing worth noting is that it is rated the top hotel in the Port Antonio area, and if you can accept that an establishment without a restaurant can be called a hotel and not a self catering villa, then this place is well worth the time it takes to do some in depth study.

Your holiday in Jamaica at Goblin Hill Villas will be spent in 12 acres of beautiful well maintained grounds, with terrific views overlooking San San Beach. This is a wealthy area of Jamaica and some of the villas around here are quite stupendous.

The 20 villas at Goblin Hill Villas are somewhat old fashioned but comfortable, and whilst they do need a bit of updating, this may be part of the charm, sort of fading colonial. They have either one or two bedrooms, each with air conditioning overlooking San San Bay

Your maid is a key to your enjoyment, because she will prepare breakfast and supper for you, and will happily follow your preferences, as well as cook Jamaican specialities. It's also great fun to go shopping to the colourful market with her, and it does bring you closer to the local way of life, something you miss staying in 5 star supposed luxury. It will cost around USD160 for two weeks of stuffing your face with far more delicious food than you'll ever get in a hotel restaurant.

In fact what really makes this Caribbean Vacation Villa at Port Antonio in Jamaica so special, apart from the views, the lovely manicured grounds, and the cook, is the fact it is situated in a really unspoilt part of the island, which isn't touristy at all. It is a three to four hour drive from the airport which isn't for the faint hearted, but you will need a 4x4 hire vehicle if you are to stay here. If you hire it at the airport you will be driven to Goblin Hill Villas by taxi with the hire vehicle behind, and this is strongly recommended.

You can use the vehicle to explore the stunningly beautiful mountains towards Moore Town, go to Winifred Beach.
You'll inevitably get ripped off to go to Monkey Island and the Blue Lagoon, but it's something you need to do whilst you are here. You'll get a free pass at reception for the beach at Frenchman's Cove, a bit touristy, but San San Beach although a $20 admission is lovely, almost 1000 yards of private beach, chairs, bar restaurant, and only 500 yeards from Goblin Hill Villas.

If you love calm hideaways, a quiet retreat, with lovely surroundings, a personal chef, and almost a private beach for your holidays, then Goblin Hill Villas could be the best Caribbean Vacation Villa for you, not quite a luxury villa, self catering but not, and definitely an affordable holiday in Jamaica, then choose to come here, you won't regret it for an instant.