Coronado, Panamas First Beach Town

by : Simon Hurst

Coronado rose up as Panamas first developed beach town. It is located about forty five minutes to the West of Panama city, via the InterAmercian Highway which is one of the best in Central America when it comes to quality.

Coronados entrance is marked by several shopping malls with a subway sandwich shop, various stores and an unusual grocery store called El Rey, which would not be out of its place in any developed American city.

Coronados beach is as nice as the beach in Santa Clara. The water in the beach of Coronado is however not that friendly because it has high rising tides and raving currents which could be fatal. Most of the coastal areas around the beach are used for real estate developments. Tall condo buildings are also dotted on the shores of Coronado these days.

The single family homes in Coronado vary from sizes and quality; you can get one from a very low end to even a super deluxe. There are several private mansions as well which are luxurious but unfortunately a very few of them are for rent or sale. The roads near the beach are well maintained.

Real estate in Coronado is a bit expensive compared to any other beach area in Panama. This is because it will be a hot spot in the near future. But many people feel that by constructing various new similar looking condo towers, Coronado has a chance to prosper even more. The market advantage of low supply in the area caused most of the real estate developments in Coronado to prosper. Several hotels are being built to delight the foreign visitors as well.

The entrance of Coronado is guarded by a few securities and visitors have to check in while the residents can just swipe through. The guards are friendly and not choosy to avoid any sort of discrimination.

Coronado is still a home for lots of fisherman who trade on the beach area. As a residence of the place, you can easily purchase fresh lobsters and sea bass directly from the source. Even some of the local restaurants and hotels acquire fish this way and cater to the upper classes. Punta Barco and Punta Barco Autentico is Coronados closest neighbor to the west. You can also discover poor farmers and vendors selling small bags of beans for as less as fifty cents on the highway. Coronado is also known for its weekend trips as well as a nearby tourist attraction.

On many occasions and holidays, the locals and the foreigners chill with beers in the streets and relax on the Coronado beach. They also enjoy poolside barbeques and spend quality time on the beach. You can also enjoy the outstanding views from the towers; the front has to offer beautiful ocean views while the rear has the jungle.

To summarize, Coronado is a good spot for investment as well as a good travel destination. The infrastructure is much developed compared to any other beach towns in the nation. Panamanian makes up a good portion of the local residents. Most foreigners consider it as a developed beach town. The best part is that even if you do not like it, you will not regret as you do not require much time reaching it.

If you are a real estate investor, you can benefit by investing in this place as there is a terrific opportunity to purchase at a low price and sell high in future. It is said that certain projects such as Coronado Country Club often sell out most of their units before any construction took place!