Waterford, Ireland: Old Destination Is Cool In A Car Hire

by : Lakshmi Reddy

The oldest city of Ireland, Waterford, has change for good as it maintained the small-town Irish feeling in every traveler. Waterford overwhelm tourist of its relaxing vibe compared to other bigger busy cities of Ireland but the old city have a lot of pubs too.

Located in the River Suir or south east of Ireland, Waterford was formerly known before as "the most important European ports".

With known medieval history, the city became mature on its own and retained its scenic value to the tourist who continued to travel and explore the treasure hidden in the old city.

In Waterford and other parts of Ireland, their season is mostly rainy and windy. However, do not think that it wouldn't be a good place to discover because despite it's whether, the scenery remained on its top shape. Remember to bring your umbrella with you because it will be a wet adventure for you.

If you have plans to use a car rental Ireland or your own vehicle in going to Waterford, it is important for you to know the information about its destination. Actually, Waterford can be reached from any point in Ireland. The old city is residing 65km west of Wexboard or 126km east of Cork. It can also be 53km west of Rosslare Harbour or 153km south east of the busy Shannon airport.

However, the easiest would be to travel by air which most tourist do. The airport in Waterford is 6km south of the old city. The airport can be reached by specific areas in United kingdom, Europe when its summer, and other international airports in Ireland.

As you arrive, if you haven't booked any car hire Waterford airport yet, you can contact them from your hotel.

When you cannot book any flight straight to Waterford airport, you can use Dublin and Cork's airports.

Unlike other county and cities, you can use a boat to get in Waterford. The nearest stations of boats for Waterford are Rosslare then ride a bus to head straight to the old city.

By train you need to take the Plunkett station which is it main post in Waterford. However, it is not advisable to use the station because it is outdated so as not to waste your time.

Bus Eireann offer state bus service to Ireland which can take you to other places faster, easier, and cheap.

Waterford locals are used of talking with a bit of "slang" and phrases which are not part of the English we are used to and so it is advisable to buy a Waterford dictionary-which you can purchase online-- and learned their language. But once they realize you are not aware of it because you are not a local, you will both laugh it out afterwards.

While inside Waterford, it may seem that life there starts at night but you still need to be careful about it. If you have your own vehicle or car hire waterfront, that doesn't make you safer. As a matter fact, you cannot use your vehicle at all times since most people there prefer walking.