Booking Accommodation In Paris

by : Gaizka Pujana

You will need to take a number of factors into consideration when you trying to decide which option best suits you and your party. Paris is the most frequently visited city in the world and as such, tourist accommodation spots are popular and can fill up quickly. Make sure that you plan well in advance to ensure that you have a place to stay, especially if you are particular about the type of place that you wish to stay in. Make a reservation; do not just arrive and hope to secure a room on the spot. You may be disappointed.

Visitors to Paris can choose to stay in a hotel. This is the most popular accommodation option available. The prices of hotels vary depending on the season that you are there, as well as the rating of the hotel. Hotels are rated by the government from zero to four stars, however the ratings do not take into account cleanliness, atmosphere or service so it is difficult to choose a hotel simply based on its rating. The most expensive times of the year are in mid-January during fashion week, from Easter until the end of June, September and October and during the Christmas holidays. Hotels in Paris often have promotional deals that offer you discounts of up to 45% on a room. These will be offered through the hotel's website so make sure to check it before you make a booking.

Hotel types vary you can stay in a modern building or a quaint old place that could be centuries old. Many people enjoy the experience of the old-style hotels. Be aware, however that the rooms in these hotels (and even in many of the more modern ones) are very small, as are the elevators and stairwells. Your bathroom may come as surprise with removable shower heads that make taking a shower a difficult experience. This will not be unique to your room it is quite a common situation in Paris.

Another tourist accommodation option in Paris is a holiday apartment. These make sense for large families or families with small children who would like some extra space and a higher level of privacy. They also tend to make more financial sense, especially for the large families. They do, however, often require a minimum of a week's rental. If you prefer not to have to look after the apartment, you can also find serviced apartments for rent.

Paris is divided into twenty neighborhoods, which are known as arrondissements. Each of these arrondissements has a different atmosphere some may be quiet and others rowdy, some are safer than others, some are more central than others, some may have more monuments than others. It is a good idea to try to find holiday accommodation in one of the more central arrondissements so that you will be able to walk to many of the sites of interest. Do not choose an area by a specific monument or you may find yourself on the outskirts of the city.