New Floating Bridge in Dubai

by : Hassan Morcel

In an effort to reduce the traffic flow over Maktoum Bridge and the Creek in Dubai, a floating bridge has been opened linking Omar Bin Al Khattab Road in

Deira to Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road in Bur Dubai. This floating bridge has been a big success in relieving the stress of the traffic over Maktoum

Bridge particularly at peak times.

This is a temporary structure and will be replaced by a permanent bridge in due course but Dubai is doing everything in its power to keep the traffic flowing around its ever increasingly populated road systems. This is a strong indicator of how Dubai is taking its responsibilities seriously towards its residents and visitors by putting expensive measures in place to support its populace.

One of the biggest criticisms of Dubai in recent times has been the traffic congestion as a result of the building expansion program so it is really

encouraging to see new roads and bridges being opened up to ease the flow during rush hour. The floating bridge in Dubai is a great example of this in

the fact that being a temporary structure, the RTA in Dubai is doing everything in its power to keep Dubai moving.

Dubai RTA is constantly monitoring the traffic and making plans to ease congestion and subsequent pollution. In order to support this, another major

project is underway which is the Monorail system due to be operational by 2009. Already its infrastructure can be seen along the main routes along Sheik Zayed Road and will be a great bonus to ease traffic as it links all the major shopping malls, tourist attractions and the business areas from the City, Old Town and Financial District right the way down to Jebel Ali.

Dubai floating bridge is the 4th bridge to be built over the creek to ease the traffic congestion. It is a 6 lane bridge accommodating 6,000 vehicles during peak hours and stretches across from Deira City Centre and Dubai Golf and Yacht Club to Riyadh Street by Dubai Courts and Creek Park. Open from 6am to 10pm the bridge is aiming at peak flow traffic and when it is replaced by its permanent structure, it will be open on a 24 hour basis with the main aim to reduce the traffic over Maktoum Bridge by 37%.

Dubai's RTA supports best practice when it comes to road expansion programs, studying all the international information available and bringing in consultants to advise them of the way forward. Dubai's aggressive expansion program to receive 15 million tourists by 2010 means it has to keep the population moving in order to keep the place an attractive area to visit. Traffic congestion just adds to the frustration levels of visitors and residents alike and ruins the lifestyle-vision Dubai is aiming to offer its residents. Therefore it's constant upgrading of the road and bridge systems provide a welcome relief to residents who would think seriously about staying should this not be addressed. The new floating bridge has gone a long way to support this and enforces Dubai's commitment to making life in this fantastic Emirate more bearable whilst all the building is taking place.