Birmingham Airport; Gateway To The Midlands

by : Thomas Pretty

Birmingham Airport can be seen as the gateway to Britain, lying so centrally it is the perfect place to hire a car form and tour the countryside. Nowhere in the midlands is too far from Birmingham Airport, the Black Country, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Wales are all accessible and the use of car hire services makes a great touring holiday.

Birmingham itself is a vibrant and multicultural city. The airport is not far from the city centre and is just a short drive when you hire a car. A wealth of hotels are in the city and staying hear gives access to the fantastic shopping. The 'Bullring' shopping centre is one of the largest in the UK and is provides great shopping for almost anything you may wish to purchase.

It would however be a crime to fly into Birmingham Airport and not venture out into the Midlands countryside. The use of car hire services will allow you to explore what is known as the 'Black Country', this name was given during the industrial revolution when the industry in the area was heavily reliant on coal and the dust and smoke created a land that was literally black. Evidence of the regions industrial past is all around and the museums offer a fascinating insight into Britain's formative period.

It is also worth leaving the hire car and navigating the hundreds of miles of canals that cross the midlands. Serenely plodding along at a snails pace it is a step back in time to a simpler age when speed was not of the essence. The canals, once out of the cities are a brilliant way to see the countryside and animal life that surrounds the waters edge. The canal network in the midlands is so complete that it is possible to get nearly anywhere in the country by travelling by narrow boat.

Car hire however will let you see more of the culture of this region of Britain, venturing further from Birmingham airport into Wales is well worth a trip for anyone who would like to witness stunning scenery. The hillsides of Wales are dotted with sheep while the climb to the summit of Snowdon offers some fabulous views, that is if the Welsh mist has not descended.

The toll road that connects to Birmingham airport will ensure your journey in your hire car will be stress free. Gone are the days of being parked on the M6 waiting for the traffic to clear. The toll road opens up the country and will ensure you spend as little time travelling as possible.

Birmingham contains some awesome sporting experiences, with two top flight football teams, soccer fans are sure to be entertained. Whilst taking a trip to Edgbaston is a must for anyone who likes the sound of leather on willow. Along with large indoor athletics arenas and huge centres for exhibits such as the national motor show; all within easy reach of the airport makes Birmingham an entertaining place.

This gateway to the midlands offers much to the tourist. This unique region of the country is disparate from its northern and southern neighbours. Its industrial past is steadily being developed as consumerism and tourism become important to the economy. No longer is Birmingham the sooty industrial powerhouse it once was; it is now a clean, modern city that is vibrant and energetic.