Shanghai Is Truly A Rewarding Experience

by : Wolfgang Jaegel

Shanghai, also known as Hu, is such an alluring destination that it makes a visitor feels as if he is in a European city. When Beijing is renowned as the capital as well as the political center of China, Shanghai is regarded as the financial, industrial, and commercial center of the country.

The largest metropolis in the country, Shanghai is situated on the southern banks of the Yangtze River and is along the East China Sea coast. Once a typical seaside village, Shanghai gained the status of a county in August 1291, during the reign of the Yuan Dynasty. But, now the city has become a prosperous international metropolis, with a blend of both traditional and modern Chinese features.

Occupying an area of about 2500 square miles, the metropolis is divided into two regions by the Huangpu River such as Puxi, situated on the west banks of the river and boasting some of the most cultural spots in the region, and Pudong - a well-developed area comprising superb roads, subway lines, bridges, and other prominent infrastructure facilities, all of which have attracted many local business firms as well as foreign companies to invest here. Shanghai also serves as an important seaport in the country.

Bestowed with title 'the Oriental Paris' or 'the Paris of the East,' Shanghai provides a feast of attractions to people touring the destination. The greatest of the attraction in the metropolis would be its interesting temples and monasteries, such as, Jade Buddha Temple, whose focal point is, as the name indicates, the Jade Buddha located within the temple hall.

Longhua Temple and Pagoda - the oldest as well as the largest city in the region; Jing'An Temple, which is much famed for its architecture reflecting the Song Dynasty; and Confucian Temple. Covering an area of about 150,000 square meters and surrounded by the government office edifices and the Grand Theater, People's Square is another popular attraction in Shanghai. With expansive green area and huge trees, the square includes attractions such as an elegant musical fountain and Bird and Flower Market, from where people can shop plants, fish, and birds.

A visit to Shanghai would be incomplete without taking a tour to the Yuyuan Garden situated in the heart of the city's Old City. Built during the period of the Ming Dynasty, the garden's highlights, among many others, are Sansui Hall, erected in Qing Dynasty style; Big Rockery, which is regarded as the best rockery of the Southern China; Jade Rock, one of the three exquisite rocks in China; and Stone City, with an astonishing array of stone sculptures as well as engravings.

For those interested in the rich history of the area, a visit to the Shanghai Museum would be a great experience, which has an incredible selection of more than 100000 Chinese relics covering calligraphy, bronzeware, stone carvings, pottery, jadeware, ancient coins, and more.

Attractions in Shanghai also include modern technological wonders such as the 468-meter high Broadcasting and Television Tower of Oriental Pearl, which is also the third tallest TV tower in the world. Shanghai provides incredible options for children, the evidence for which is attractions such as the Shanghai Children's Palace, offering an amazing range of activities such as art, dance, music, and computer science.

Other not to miss attractions in the metropolis are Shanghai Bund, which is regarded as one of the famed architectural symbols of the region; and Xin Tian Di, which is akin to Clarke Quay in Singapore and Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong.

Apart from these, Shanghai provides opportunities to enjoy a range of activities. For instance, the destination is a shopper's paradise, with areas like Nanjing Road, packed with stores from high-end to traditional. One can shop everything from silk and embroidery items to sculptures and fashionable items. Additionally, one can enjoy a range of cuisines while your stay at Shanghai, as the city renders a host of culinary delights that are focused on the traditions of Beijing, Yangzhou, Sichuan, and Guangzhou.

With these astounding ranges of attractions, the city, in fact, has become one of the hotspots of the modern country. Hence, the city has accommodation options to cater to the increasing number of tourists flocking to the city per year. Many of the hotels are within the easy reach of almost all facilities and attractions in the region. Further, the hotel rooms are well appointed, and come with all amenities and facilities.