Touring Sacramento By Limo

by : Kris Koonar

If you have recently booked a tour to Sacramento, you are in for a relaxing and rejuvenating trip. Often termed as the 'City of Trees', this capital city of California showcases Victorian houses in picturesque neighborhoods covered with abundant trees in the beautiful vicinity of the river parks.

When you visit Sacramento, don't forget to take the luxurious limousine ride. Sacramento limos rightly boast of being mini homes, where you can listen to music and relax in the scenic beauty of this exotic place. You can even use these limos as carnival vans and plan a weekend getaway with friends and family. Touring Sacramento by limo is a major attraction among all tourists.

Every other day you will notice tourists entering the city and commuting via limos. This not only makes their travel luxurious and comfortable, but also makes their vacation memorable. If you are interested in touring the city, hire a limo. You could ask the limo service provider to send a comfortable, sleek limo to pick you up. Ask them to send the limo just before sunset as Sacramento city life starts at nightfall.

The limo service would provide formally dressed and dedicated chauffeurs who have knowledge of the city. Before you start the tour, ask the chauffer to begin at Frasinetti's Winery at 7395 Frasinetti Road, which is an Italian winery that offers the best Italian wine available in Sacramento. Operated and owned by Sacramento's oldest family, this winery was found in 1897. It is famous for merging new methods of making wine with the traditional methods. Frasinetti offers wine tasting for free. Therefore, if you are a dinner patron you can choose the bottle.

A few gulps of the Frasinetti wine and the scorching California dusk overhead, you will be thoroughly rejuvenated. You can thereafter ask the chauffeur to proceed towards the Mardi Gras Lane, which has a popular bowling alley, where you can play for laughs with your family or just hang out with friends. Mardi gras has thrown its doors open to various clubs and new leagues. You can just walk in and get acquainted with people. Limo chauffeurs always have the bowling alley on their list as many tourists insist on taking a long, luxurious limousine ride. Lounges are the best places to unwind and soak in the music and intoxicating wine. If at all, you get a little tipsy, the professionally trained chauffeur will safely escort you back to your hotel.

If you are still keen on exploring more of Sacramento, you can go take a walk in any of Sacramento's parks or go out for some midnight shopping. Touring Sacramento by limousine will safely take you anywhere you want to go in Sacramento. Sacramento is known for its amazing nightlife and the best way to enjoy the Sacramento nightlife is to tour the city in a Limo. You can easily find various limo services, all around town at reasonable rates.