Le Moulin Rouge Helped to Shape Paris Culture

by : Tania Machowska

Hugh Heffner publisher of Playboy Magazine is ony one of the few celebreties who visited the cabaret show in Paris together with his 3 girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson the young blond only 18 years old when she moved into the Mansion house, Bridget Marquadt and Holly Madison. After the show they said that they loved everything and wanted to jump onto the stage and perform together with the rest of the crew, they found the show hot and sexy.

Le Moulin rouge has a remarkable history, it actually goes down in history as the first woman nightclub, named Le Premier Palais des Femmes, the first place where joy girls amid great public interest.

In the beginning of the Industrial revolution, about 1815 when the compact of Paris was signed, Paris started an important and never changeable march. A chapter that announced itself in a movement of free will and a relaxed environment. The upper class needed to make place and couldn’t live in the bounds of possibilities, the were seeking for attention while their limits faded away. The line between lower and upper class was getting thin and it didn’t take such a long time when they started to mix under each other.

Le Moulin Rouge was the perfect place for a mixture between different classes, here both parties could experience the joy and freedom of live and desires, they weren’t different but need each other to experience. There were no secret desires anymore, it all came up to every ones expectations.

Le Mouline Rouge opened the doors in 1889, a prestigious club that welcomed everyone who had an open minded and relaxed personality, lower and upper class. Le Moulin Rouge was the place for a cocktail drink, dinner and an erotic dazzling show. An organization known to dot the i ‘s and crosses the t ‘s.

Up until this day everybody knows the French Cancan, Lil Kim; Christina Aguillera and Pink performed Lady Marmelade, a nr 1 Mtv video clip and a nr & hitlist for a long time. They did a marvellous job and gave a modern representation of how the Moulin Rouge was and is.

But surely Le Moulin Rouge played by Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor as Satin and Christian is the best musical movie ever made, a fantastic and genuine representation of what went on during the Moulin Rouge in 1815.