Visit Le Centre Pompidou the Next Time You Visit Paris

by : Tania Machowska

Le Centre Pompidou is an enormous complex, it opens its doors every day from 11 am until 9pm, some exhibitions are even open until 11pm. But it always best to buy your tickets upfront and best after 5pm, this way you avoid queuing and you can enter the Centre relaxed without waiting for hours at the ticket box or just buy your tickets online.

Le Centre Pompidou is world famous, as a building the project received an award in an architectural design competition, designed by architect Renzo Piano (Italian) architects Richard and Sue Rogers (British) and engineers Edmund Happold (British) and Peter Rice (Irish).

It is a necessity to visit Le Centre Pompidou when you are in Paris. The building of leisure and culture is named after the President on 1969, Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou, a strong and respectful political leader who died of cancer. Georges Pompidou was a teacher and served in World War 2, after the war he became a teacher again, a couple of years later he joined the Rotschild bank firm, he became director-general and an important advisor of the President Gaulle, but President Gaulle stopped their relation a few years later. In 1969 Gaulle resigned and with the support of Gaulles team George Pompidou was elected to become the new president of France.

Le Centre Pompidou has a large collection of contemporary art shown in a old baroque - neuvo art classic building, but it is very modern with large windows and gigantic escalators which can bring you to the top of the roof, the 6th floor gives an amazing view over Paris.

Except from museum and exhibition hall it also contains a library, you can use as many books as you like, you can even take copies but you are not allowed to take any of the books or works home with you. If you are really interested in a gadget, post card or any other reminder of the Centre Pompidou you can go shopping in one of the bookshops or the Printemps design Boutique where you find books, and gadgets of world famous artists. To take a rest just go and have a drink at the Mezzanine caf?r the Stravinsky Place.

But it is the amazing restaurant Le George on the 6th floor that you can’t miss when visiting Le Centre Pompidou, this is an obligation for everyone who loves to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in a special atmosphere and settings.