by : Sharon White

First, it is a rugged place with high plateaus, lowland river valleys and a tundra plain along the Arctic coast. Half of the territory is forested and many mountains feature permanent ice caps. The temperature range is very dramatic, with long cold winters and short but warm and dry summers. It is here that continent earliest undisputed evidence of human habitation was found. Caved dating back twenty thousand years on the Bluefish River revealed stone tools and animal bones. This is a great and ancient place and home to the country highest point, the Mount Logan. The tourism industry is becoming just as important as mining, fishingArticle Search, forestry and furs.

The capital city and government center of Yukon is Whitehorse which is located on the banks of the Yukon River. Whitehorse inhabits two thirds of the province population. Yukon Native Indian groups make up a significant portion of this population. The Alaska Highway leads right into the city where a number of attractions await. Among these is the Old Log Church Museum which is said to be the only wooden Cathedral in the world. It is also the oldest building in Whitehorse which was built by the town first priest. Dawson City is another popular spot in Yukon province and one that evokes images of the gold rush. The Dawson City Museum has an amazing collection of gold rush artifacts. There is still gold to be found by panning in nearby creeks. For those who want a little entertainment with their riches Gambling Hall is a great place to relieve the gold old days.

For a unique experience visitors can take Highway 9 for a scenic drive.