Luxury All Inclusive Jamaica Villa Vacation

by : Ben Thompson

Looking for exclusivity in Jamaica, all inclusive, and yet very different from the large hotels, then check out The Villas on Bluefields Bay top Caribbean Luxury Villas on the waterfront near Negril.

Combining luxury villa life with an exclusive all inclusive villa hotel vacation, The Villas on Bluefields Bay is one of the most exclusive waterfront resorts not only in Negril, or Jamaica, but the Caribbean as well.

There are five villas, with names Milestone Cottage, Cottonwood Cottage, The Hermitage, Mullion Cove, and San Michelle. Milestone and Cottonwood are the smallest with up to four adults, the Hermitage up to eight, Mullion Cove ten, and San Michelle up to twelve.

They really are stupendous, varying from waterfront to 100 feet above the Caribbean. All are fully staffed, incredibly well furnished, and the all inclusive means exactly what it says, it means everything.

Your staff includes excellent cooks and trained waiters, and the meal possibilities are discussed with you before you arrive, and whatever variations you want you will get. You'll get mango and avocado from the resort's own trees, and fish and lobster fresh from the sea will appear on the menu.

As well as your own chef, there is a beach pavilion called the Treehouse, and this is a beautiful bar and restaurant on the waterfront, where lunch can be taken, and there are books and magazines to relax with. There is also a changing area, toilets, and an outdoor shower, with a Jerk Chicken lunch every Wednesday and the Manager's Cocktail party on Monday's at 5pm where guests get the chance to mingle with members of the local community.

A Luxury villa Jamaica vacation like The Villas on Bluefields Bay only pose one problem for a family. In fact possibly two, the first one being getting used to someone in the house whose sole function is to serve you. Then there is the question of what to do all day?

Kids of course just love the pool, and they'll happily spend all morning splashing around. Adults laze around in the sun, enjoying the view, reading chatting, perhaps some may even have gone off to play golf about forty minutes drive away.

Then a stroll down to the beach, the path surrounded by well tended tropical foliage and lovely flowers. On the white sand beach there are cool drinks, you can take a Kayak out or swim to the raft, lie around in the hammocks by the water. There is a tennis court, but that is for later when the heat of the day has lessened.

At lunch time a quiet stroll back to the villa for lunch, and what a spread you will have. If you are wise you will menu plan each day for the day, and if you want to go on an excursion your villa's cook will prepare you a picnic better than any you've experienced before.

The food is a real feature at The Villas on Bluefields Bay, and one of the many reasons for the reputation as just about the very top luxury all inclusive Jamaica Villa Hotel Vacation.

This place is where to come with a group of close friends, and just enjoy this tropical paradise. Total privacy, pampered 24 hours a day, in a very safe environment., there's not much more you can ask for. Probably the only downside is that you will need deep pockets for The Villas on Bluefields Bay.