Beautiful Vacations in Spain

by : Raywalberg

Altea is a city which is located 15km to the north of Benidorm. This city is one of the few that has kept the image of a traditional Spanish fishing village. They have successfully carved out a tourist industry without having to say goodbye to their natural beauty.

This village is much more relaxed than the other larger cities. The weather is much milder in the summer and winter. This is because the hills which surround the city make the temperature much more comfortable during both the summer and the winter.

Finding Travel and Accommodation in Altea

Most tourists travelling to Altea fly into Alicante airport, this is located about half an hour away from the village by car. You can hire a car from the airport for convenience. You can also get a number of buses and trains from Alicante to Altea.

There is a nice mountainous area just outside of the main village, this have some amazing views. Real estate is becoming very desirable in these areas. There are many new hotels and apartments springing up in these locations.

Altea Attractions

I personally think that Altea is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Spain. It's very tranquil and relaxing. The writer proves to be a draw for Spanish and international tourists, especially writers and painters. Some of these may stay for a short period, others live there permanently. Most will stay in the area which is around the old church.

The church is fairly famous, it's known as the Nuestra Senora DelConsuelo. This was built in 1910 and is based on Mediterranean architecture. All of the tiles are hand painted. The blue dome can be seen from quite some distance and is somewhat of a landmark.

Not far from the beach and harbor you will find a number of independent stores which are greet for shopping. Most of these stores open at 10:00am and close at 9:00pm. Many of these stores are closed for a siesta from 2:00pm until 4:00, or 5:00pm. Larger stores typically stay open throughout the day.

The best way to see Altea close up is to take a walking tour. This will allow you to see the town and mountain areas in all its glory. The mountain walking tours can be very relaxing as you get to enjoy nature. You could also take a private tour of many of the trails which go around the village. There are even all inclusive tours which are available for a few days up to a week.

From Easter to September there is a wonderful craft market. This can be found near the harbor area. There are many local crafts offered at these events and you can find a number of beautiful hand crafted items at quite a reasonable price.

Because of the mild weather conditions this region is well known for its golfing vacations. There is a golf club which is great for visitors to the region.

If you want to have a more active night life then you should take a trip to Benidorm. This is a larger city and can be reached for a day trip. There are plenty of water parks, night clubs and theme parks here.