A Luxury Vacation Villa on Negril Beach Jamaica

by : Ben Thompson

Check out a luxury villa hotel on 7 mile beach at Negril as a possible destination for your Jamaica Honeymoon

A Vacation Villa with a difference is the luxury villa hotel on 7 mile beach at Negril in Jamaica called Moon Dance Villas. This would be the perfect destination for a Jamaica Honeymoon.

At Moon Dance Villas you will be pampered from arrival to departure, whichever one of the six elegant beachfront villas you choose. If this is your Jamaica honeymoon you will probably choose Lilac Mist, known as the honeymoon villa, although there are 2,3,4, and two 5 bedroom villas also on the site.

The Lilac Mist, as with all the other villas comes fully staffed with personal chef and bartender, housekeeper, and has a private garden with a Jacuzzi. There is an all inclusive option which includes unlimited food, beverages, fine wines, and premium spirits, and is well worth the USD115 per person per night. After all if it your Jamaica Honeymoon, why not spoil yourself. One outstanding thing about all of the villas is the fact that they look just like their photographs. In fact photos don't do them justice.

You will be waited on hand and foot, served drinks as and when you want, and fed like royalty. Better than that the staff are so good, they will make you feel like family. The one bedroom villa shares a pool, but you will have it to yourself most of the time because of the proximity of the lovely beach. The sand is soft, and the trees lining the beach apart from offering natural and very welcoming shade it makes the beach look so much better. The sea is a lovely colour and very warm, and you can lie on floats anchored to the bottom and sunbathe for as long as you want.

Moon Dance Villas is right in the middle of the beach, and you'll just love walking both ways, although you will need to be polite but firm with the locals selling their wares. The Moon Dance Villas themselves are very secure, and that is important in Negril, but as a word of warning, it isn't advisable to go walking on the beach after sunset.

Another word of warning are the mosquitos, which do bite, so you'll need to take plenty of spray onto the beach with you, and you'll need it at night if you are sitting outside. The beds have mosquito nets but as the villas are air conditioned it isn't such a problem inside although many people find it too cold at night so switch it off. Take precautions is always the best answer.

For a luxury villa hotel, even by top Jamaica standards the Moon Dance Villas is outstanding. Even if the superb accommodation wasn't as good as it is, the performance of the staff alone would make the whole thing luxurious and exclusive. The service is second to none, and you almost feel you are being second guessed so good is their anticipation of your needs. They will learn almost immediately what drinks you like, when you like them. The little foibles that you have about food will be noted and acted on.

Thanks to this, and the lovely villas, you can be assured that the Moon Dance Villas will give you the perfect Jamaica honeymoon, or holiday hideaway.