Have Fun & Frolic at Beach Destinations in India

by : Jadiete Collins

If you are planning for vacations this season, why not go for beach tour of India. India has long coast line spanning about 7000 km encircling the peninsular India. Numbers of sunny beaches dot this long coastline. Beaches in India offer pristine and flawless beauty to captivate its onlooker. While on beach tour of India, you will get to experience exotic, unexplored and peaceful beaches having out of the world charm.

Beach destinations in India offer most vivid range of beaches. One can experience calm backwaters, lagoons, bays, rough lava-rocked sea, marine estuaries, crashing surf, powdery golden sand and palm fringed coast. India is flanked by Arabian Sea on the Western Coast and Bay of Bengal on the eastern Coast.

Sea freaks and water sports adventurers can have gala time on beaches in India. There is great opportunity of water sports and water activities on almost all the beaches in India. One can opportunities of angling, boating, swim, relax and more. Beach tour of India can be very rejuvenating and enjoyable.

Goa and Kerala top the list of beach destinations in India. Besides the beaches in Kerala and Beaches in Goa, Gujrat, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Karnataka can also boast of their share of beaches in India.

However beaches in Goa are the most popular beaches all over the globe. People from across the globe, flock to Goa for getting relaxed on its beaches. Beaches of Goa are marked by spectacular green vistas and rolling hills. White soft sand on shore in combination with azure blue sea water creates heavenly scenery. Some of the most famous beaches of Goa are Anjuna, Baga, Dona Paula and Calangute Beach.

Next comes to mind is Kerala for its lovely beaches. Kerala is famed for its backwaters and cool, exotic beaches and tropical air. Kovalam is ranks highest on the list best sea resorts. Swaying coconut palm trees dot the long coastline with glistening sands and salubrious atmosphere offer the just perfect picture of paradise. While on the beach tour in India, you find yourself away from the blurring city noise and lights and get just pure nature.

You can catch the beauty of beach temple at Mahabalipuram. Puri in Orissa is the most picturesque beach in the world. If you want to spend time on most peaceful beach, Digha in west Bengal is the nice beach.

Beaches of isles of Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshwadeep offer such a sight that can not be described in words. You can see the kaleidoscope of colors created by flashy fish, coral reef above the green waters.

On beach tour in India, one can get taste fresh catch from sea. At all the beach destination of India, you can gorge on delicious sea food. All the beach destination of India offer picture perfect holidays, no matter there are crowded or isolated.