Groningen: Deserves Acclamation

by : Vivek Kuriyal

It lies in the northernmost region of Netherlands. This charming city has enough of attractions to tempt the visitors from all across the globe. Though you would find many scars on the assets of this place because of the World War II and various rebuilding process, it still possesses some fantastic opportunities to enjoy a good vacation.

You have multiple options of enjoying a shopping extravaganza in the Grote Market that lies in the heart of the town. Pavement terraces in the marketplace are so inviting where you can have a pleasant sip of drink of coffee in the late autumn. Martini church with its Martini tower stands tall in the city. It came into existence in 12th century. Groningen Museum is another big attraction where spectacular example of modern architecture and excellent collection of 17th century paintings are on display. Do not miss out on seeing the masterpiece of museum—the adoration of Magi by Rubens.

Nightlife of Groningen is something which you can always hanker for. It is a hub of universities and many Dutch and international students can be seen roaming in the streets of this city. Lot of pubs, cafes and small restaurants further enhance your strolling pleasure. Groningen also hosts several festivals of music, artFind Article, film and theatre. Hotels in Groningen have excellent features.