Where to Stay in Orlando Florida for your Vacation

by : Oliviaholaday

Orlando has several distinct areas where visitors can look for a place to stay after a long and adventurous day of tripping to the many theme parks and recreational spots. It can be quite a confusing task to carry out, so here are some ideas that may help you choose the best place that will suit your vacation needs (and budget) during your stay in the family entertainment capital of the world.

South of Disney World (Kissimmee area - Highway 192)

The historic town of Kissimmee has been a well-known destination for many tourists visiting Orlando. With its numerous restaurants, bed & breakfasts, vacation condos, golf courses, and family attractions, many vacationers consider this area an excellent one for finding lodging. Hotel prices here are less expensive when compared to hotels in the other areas. However, many of the structures are aging as most were built in the late 70's. Few of the hotels here are connected with national chains.

North of Disney World

Also known as the Lake Buena Vista area, this is the newest location for places to stay in Orlando County and is managed by the Walt Disney Corporation. The hotels here were built starting in the early 1990's to the present and are mostly associated with the national hotel chains. The Lake Buena Vista area hosts great shopping and dining within a few miles radius.

Inside the Disney World Resort

For the Disney connoisseur, the resort itself would be the best option to search for a good hotel. By definition, it will be the closest to Disney World attractions and a free shuttle service to all the parks runs at least every half hour. All Disney World hotels are managed to the highest standards, so there is a high probability for an excellent stay. However, these hotel rooms only allow up to four people in a single room and can cost almost double compared to hotels outside the Disney World confines. There is a lot to be said, however, for not having to make the daily car rides back and forth to Disney World.

Universal Studios Theme Park Area

There are also some good options that can be considered in Universal Studios area, but not as much as there is in other areas of Orlando County. Only a smattering of hotels can be found in this area with the lack of competition resulting in prices that are not really that attractive.

Downtown Orlando

Visiting Orlando means spending time at the theme parks and beautiful attractions that this region offers. Therefore, you probably do not want the hassle of long trips from your hotel to these theme parks - not to mention the time that you will be wasting while traveling thirty minutes to and from Disney World. There are too many good alternatives to staying downtown.

Orlando County Convention Center Area

The convention center area is just a few minutes away from SeaWorld so it can be a good choice for those who will be going primarily to that park. However, the prices here are a little more expensive while the amenities offered by the hotels are mostly geared for business travelers than for families.

SeaWorld / International Drive Area

The International Drive area is our favorite area to stay in when vacationing with young children. The number of quality "villa resorts" in the area is the reason. For the same price as a decent hotel room, you can be in a two bedroom villa with full kitchen, living room, whirlpool bath and screened-in veranda. These resorts have lakes, pools, activity centers and other amenities that children (and adults) love. You will be especially appreciative of these resorts if you have some non-park days on your itinerary.

The Greater Orlando area offers a large variety of hotel and lodging options. By reviewing the different choices described in this article, you will be well on your way to making the right decision for a great Orlando vacation!