Limassol: A Favorite Stopover

by : Vivek Kuriyal

Besides being a busy industrial area, it encompasses variety of attractions for people of every age. Though tourists on their way to Akrotiri and Troodos mountains generally pass by this destination, it proves to be a fantastic spot for a stopover and double the joy of their excursion.

You would not be left unimpressed by some of the finest castles which are at par with the best of architectural excellence in the world. Berengaria Castle is one of them—it is where Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria. And the list goes on with names like Kolossi Castle, amthunta and many other appreciable archeological structures scattered around the city. For an exciting nightlife freak, Limassol offers a vibrant place known as Yermasogea which features many fabulous bars and clubs. So your search for a vibrant nightlife ends here at this enthusiastic place.

Only a short stroll will lead you to the old city center where you find man interesting spots to get the full of entertainment. Something that impresses you the most is traditional lifestyle of Cypriots. Since the city does not enjoy much of tourism business, it has been able to maintain the old traditional charm. Meze restaurantsFree Web Content, wine and beer cellar constitute the eternal flavor of the old city center. Limassol is famous for its wine festivals held in August. Limassol hotels never give you any reason to complain about the amenities and facilities.