Hotels - Backpacking in Canada

by : David Collins

Every year, thousands of us load up our backpacks and set off on our own little adventures across vast landscapes and bustling city environments.

When we think of backpacking, the first countries that usually spring to mind are Australia and New Zealand. Indeed, many do choose to head to the Southern Hemisphere - mostly because of the climate, and in some cases the surf.

However, have you ever thought about backpacking through destinations in the northern hemisphere? If you're looking to get away and explore vast wildernesses dotted with hostels and lively cities along the way, then Canada should be somewhere you consider.

Many who backpack around North America normally try to include a trip north of the border as part of their backpacking experience. With a style of life similar to the USA and a mix of British and French cultural traditions there's something for everyone.

Whether you're looking to visit vibrant cities which have bustling nightlife or to experience the beauty of the scenery - including the world famous Niagara Falls - then it's worth considering a stopover in Canada as part of your trip.

There are a wide variety of cheap hotels in Canada to choose from, and a number of companies around the country that can help you find cheap and cheerful hostel accommodation during your journey.

SameSun are an example of such a group, with a range of hostels available across Canada - from Vancouver to Banff National Park - which offer a warm place to stay, great food, laundry facilities as well as internet access. Coupled with a friendly environment in which to meet others and share your backpacking experiences - one such establishment is the Beaver Lounge at their Vancouver hostel.

With a lot of open wilderness north of the main cities, Canada is a fantastic destination if you're looking to hike, bike or just generally experience nature.

Many hotels and hostels will be close to such trails - with some offering excursions for a small fee. So you're more than likely going to find some kind of trail or track - surrounded by beautiful scenery - that's just begging to be explored, either on foot or by bike.

It's advisable to bear climate in mind when planning trips to Canada, for whilst summers can be warm and sunny, winters can be harsh - with some areas becoming completely cut off in heavy snow. But don't let that thought put you off, as many of the hostels have facilities available should the weather turn a little unpredictable.

There are a number of ski resorts dotted around the Rocky Mountain region, which attracts thousands of winter sports enthusiasts every year. For those looking for an adrenaline rush during their backpacking excursions, there are a wide range of activities available all over the country - from sled dog runs to white water rafting.

So if you're stuck for a location for your next backpacking excursion, consider heading north for a change.