All about H.Upmann Cuban cigars

by : Trevorwallace

A Cuban cigar brand name that is shared by two organizations, the H. Upmann brand is one of the most sought after popular Cuban cigars around. One organization is located in Cuba and the other in the Dominican. However, don't be confused because the only thing they have in common is the name. The H. Upmann from Cuba is one of the best cigars you can smoke.

It all started back in 1844 on a cold night in Cuba. Well maybe it wasn't a cold night but that is just part of the whole history. No one really knows how it actually started, the H. Upmann brand that is. Their are a lot of stories that are behind the origination of this cigar but the most excepted one is about two German brothers moving to Havana. They happen to be cigar smokers themselves and fell in love with Cuban cigars.

The H. Upmann produces a variety of cigars from short to long to the really tiny ones. However, it is the big hand rolled Cuban cigars that people love and crave. The H.Upmman No 2s is probably the most wide selling Cuban cigar box of all time. I have a customer who gets these every three days and just loves them. It is the feel of a big strong cigar with a think ring guage but with surprisingly mild to medium flavors that people appreciate.

Because of the trade embargo that exists between Cuba and the United States, most people who live in the United States are never able to experience a true H. Upmann cigar. It is interesting to note, however, that there are some rumors that John Kennedy had his press secretary order him a large supply of H. Upmann cigars on the night before the trade embargo went into effect. This shows you the popularity of this particular cigar and if you ever have the opportunity to try one for yourself, you would no doubt agree that it is one of the better smokes that are available.

A Cuban cigar that has brings another unique flavor and touch to the Cuban cigar genre, the H. Upmann is a cigar that belongs in the hands of the wealthy, the self-made and the powerful. If you are a powerhouse that has an effect on everyone around you, an H. Upmann belongs to you. One of the best tasting Cuban cigars around for sure.