Fishing Clubs in Canada

by : Miodrag Trajkovic

If you want to take your fishing hobby to the next level, you might want to join fishing clubs, especially if you want to give tournament fishing a try. Fishing clubs are a great way to have fun, learn more about the art and sport of fishing and meet people who love fishing as much as you do. Here are some Canadian fishing clubs you might want to check out:

Hook & Hackle Club
This fishing club located in Calgary, Alberta focuses on fly fishing. It is a not-for-profit organization that teaches its members good fishing ethics and etiquette, along with the proper methods used for preserving fishery. Its main fishing practice is centered around catch & release techniques.

BC Fishing Resorts and Outfitters Association
This Canadian fishing club was organized for British Columbia's tourist fishing industry.

Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club
This fishing club is engaged in numerous activities, including instruction and conservation. They also sponsor seminars, workshops and exhibits.

Simon Chiew Fishing Association and Chinese Anglers Club
These two fishing clubs are composed mostly of hobbyists. These two clubs are the largest membership-based fishing clubs composed of Chinese-Canadians. Fishing trips are scheduled on a yearly basis.

Algonkin Fly Fishers
This is a relatively young fishing club engaged in the practice and promotion of fly fishing. Located in Eganville, Ontario, it was founded to encourage fly fishing in Ottawa Valley.

Lake Huron Fishing Club
If you prefer a sport fishing club that focuses on conservation efforts, join Lake Huron Fishing Club. This club was formed by a group of Ontario fishermen in 1983 and currently manages two hatcheries.

Niagara River Anglers Association
This Canadian fishing club focuses its sport fishing activities in the famous Niagara River. It also accepts volunteers for restoration projects related to fishing.

Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers
This is a fishing and fly tying club in Edmonton, Alberta. Its website serves as the information center where members are informed of meeting dates and fishing locations.

Joining Canadian fishing clubs
Not all fishing clubs are created the same and there are some that have a style and theme of their own. For example, there are fishing clubs exclusively for young people and some that accept only female members.

Most fishing clubs in Canada include conservation as an integral component of their clubs' efforts. They also regularly sponsor yearly fishing events, such as tournaments and seminars and conferences.