Cyprus Property. Whats All the Fuss About?

by : Kev Moore

Buying property for investment purposes has always made perfect sense and Cyprus property is no exception. Property buying habits have evolved over the last decade and buyers are ever more willing to invest in overseas developments especially those situated on or close to holiday resorts. With the economies of most Western European countries continuing to grow, more and more of these Euro citizens are looking to buy holiday homes in the sun. Countries such as Cyprus have seen some major benefits from this glut of disposable income that buyers are raising by remortgaging their prime residences at home. Many foreign buyers are even taking advantage of the Cyprus banks willingness to loan against Cyprus property purchases by none residents wishing to buy holiday homes on the Island.

There can be no doubt that the colossal amount of development going on in Cyprus is changing the face of the countries economy and lifestyle at a rapid pace. Many former land owner farmers have become millionaires off the back of the Cyprus property development boom. The weather beaten pick up trucks are fast being replaced with the likes of Mercedes Benz and BMW whilst the once tranquil fishing harbors are steadily filling up with luxury power boats. Luxury villas are springing up all over the Island too as the Cyprus property boom continues to pour new money into the country. Such measures as the introduction of VAT on the property sale prices and the escalating price of the land itself has done very little to abate this building frenzy.

Whilst average wages in Cyprus remain considerably lower than those in places like the U.K. and Germany property prices continue to rise unabated. It really doesn't take rocket science to work out who the losers in this building bonanza are going to be. The gap between the wealthy and the not so wealthy in Cyprus has suddenly expanded to previously unimagined dimensions. The next generation of Cypriots will soon be lucky if they are able to afford a house or an apartment in their own country. Whilst this situation is of little or no interest to the now wealthy developers and former land owners it is pertinent to many young Cypriots looking for their first home. Getting onto the property ladder in Cyprus was never easy for them but soon it could be almost impossible.

The writer of this article is not suggesting for one moment that foreigners should be excluded from buying property in Cyprus because they do in fact continue to feed the countries economy. Cyprus is still a top holiday destination especially for the British and Germans who flock back there year on year. It is many of these former tourist that have purchased property in Cyprus and this trend looks set to continue for quite some time. It is an inescapable fact that the shape of the tourist industry in Cyprus has and continues to undergo a major shift in emphasis. There is a definite switch from hotel and apartment based holidays to private rentals of villas or luxury apartments which in turn is having other "knock on" effects.

With the huge growth of the internet holiday market more people are "building" their own holiday packages, booking flights and accommodation through separate sources rather than taking a traditional package tour. Many Cyprus property owners have tapped into the lucritive holiday rental market for themselves through letting agents. Cutting out the traditional forms of accommodation packages and the tour operators at the same time. Bad news for the hotel and apartment complex owners and many of them are finding themselves left high and dry with dwindling bookings year on year. Some of the more astute hotel and apartment owners have bucked the trend using the "if you can't beat them join them" philosophy turning the situation to great financial advantage.

Many empty Cyprus apartment complexes are being refurbished into luxury units and sold on to eager holiday home purchasers. These "like new" apartments offer buyers the best of everything including a central reception area, pool complexes and resort locations to name just a few. They are a real win win situation for everyone involved including the former owners and those looking to buy on a limited budget. They are also perfect for holiday lets because everything a couple or family needs for a great Cyprus holiday is all there in one place. If you are thinking about purchasing a holiday home in the sun for yourself or as an investment these refurbished luxury apartments could be the perfect Cyprus property.