City of Durham: A Nice Rendezvous

by : Vivek Kuriyal

Durham has always been an international spot for sports adventure and this city has produced some big baseball players. The most famous sport of this place is baseball. Durham Bulls International League baseball team is the most famous professional team of Durham. Several stadium of high capacity available in the city facilitate the sports players an easy and exciting environment to carry on their game. Durham Athletic Park serves as the home base to Bulls. It is located north of downtown. The park is also a good spot for organizing a concert in the city.

Rich and vibrant culture of the Durham inspires people in every corner of the world to be here. Events like jazz festivals, blues festivals, symphony concerts, art exhibitions, and plenty of cultural expositions keep the city ever livelier. Carolina Theater is the centerpiece of attractions in Durham city. Diverse eating establishments and excellent culinary provide a fantastic opportunity to the visitors to enjoy their excursion. Ninth Street, Brightleaf, and University Drive areas are the most prominent venues in the city of Durhamto be explored.