Aarhus: A Complete Destination

by : Vivek Kuriyal

Aarhus Denmark contains many attractions for the visitors. One of them is “Den Gamle By," which lies in the old town and is an open air museum that comprises of a collection restored 17th and 18th centuries buildings. Here you get a variety of things to do and see. This place is always full of visitors. Out of many other interesting spots, AROS Kunst museum is something that features diversified collection of Danish art from 19th and 20th centuries. Modern Town Hall is a good example of excellent Danish architecture in the city.

Tivoli Friheden guarantees to entertain you fully. It is an amusement park full of entertaining amenities like riding, clown shows and spectacular flower gardens. Located just outside the city center, this amusement park is always full of tourists and local residents. Forhistorisk Museum Moesgard is another worth-visiting destination where amazing artifacts including the 2000 year old Grauballe Man are preserved.

Aarhus is lively in every aspect, be it entertainment, dining or accommodation. This city offers a number of clubs, pubsPsychology Articles, bars as well as excellent restaurants. Danish cuisines are really delicious. You can get all varieties of International dishes at these restaurants.