Barcelona Architecture: Like a Jewel in the Sun *

by : Ismail Popov

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world, while its architecture is one of its most notable features. Historically divided into four stages, today the architecture of Barcelona is a pleasant to the eye amalgam of the historic heritage and modern era art. This symbiosis is so natural and so delicate that it acts as a beautiful decor for everything else that happens in this vibrant city no matter if that being sports events, important modern art exhibitions, big concerts of mega starts or the simple everyday life of the locals and the city guests.

The first of the four stages is presented by remnants of Roman city walls and the Placa de Sant Jaume. The second stage refers to the medieval times and results in the Gothic quarter in the city, Placa del Rei, the beautiful cathedral and the countless churches. Here should be mentioned carrer Montcada and Hospital de la Santa Creau that are set outside the Gothic Quarter. The architecture era that followed in Barcelona was that of the Eixample construction and Modernism, During this period the architecture flourished and some of the finest buildings were constructed, most of them to be treated as major landmarks and tourists attractions today. These buildings include the University and the Opera House, Placa Reial and the formation of the new town or the so called Eixample. It was during that period that the world famous architecture Antoni Gaudi lived and worked. Some of his finest pieces of architecture include the breathtaking Park Guell, the amazing Casa Mila-La Pedrera and the Casa Vicenc, and the inspiring yet unfinished La Sagrada Familia. All of Gaudis works are truly amazing and should be included in the sightseeing program during a trip to Barcelona.

The present day era in Barcelonas architecture started with the Universal Exhibition which was held in 1929. Constructed during that period are the buildings close to Placa dEspaniya like the Platau Nacional and Poble Espanyol, for example. After that period many new residential areas were built in Barcelona, campuses and a major Olympics centre.

Barcelona is a lively city with Mediterranean atmosphere, full of character, space and light. Here existing with style and perfection is a way of living. All tourists planning a trip to Barcelona who wish to sense that spirit are welcome to stay in one of Barcelona Hotels, which come fantastically decorated with locations which deserve admiration.

* Barcelona - Like a jewel in the sun, phrase from the song Barcelona performed by Freddie Mercury and Monserat Caballe