Edinburgh Guide on the Climatic Conditions in the City

by : Mike

Before visiting any city, town or region, it is always good to know the climatic conditions prevailing over that region. It helps in two ways - one, it helps you prepare yourself for that particular climate, have the right mindset and what you can expect there; and two, it helps you pack your clothes and stuff accordingly. Here is an Edinburgh guide on the climatic conditions you can expect in the city and why do we have such climates there.

Whether you visit Edinburgh in the summers or you go there during the winters, you always have a pleasant weather greeting you in the capital of Scotland. While the winters are not at all harsh, unlike various parts of UK, the summers are also quite moderate here. The climatic conditions in Edinburgh are very much like other parts of Scotland - pleasant and cheerful. This is due to the geographical position that Edinburgh dominates.

Despite the northerly latitude, the same latitude in which we find Moscow and Labrador in Newfoundland, the temperature during the day seldom falls below zero degree Celsius. The summers are also relatively cool with the maximum temperature reaching a height of only 28 degree Celsius. The North Sea being in the vicinity, there are little chances of having great variations in temperature or any kind of extremes in climatic conditions.

Due to Edinburgh's ideal location - between the hills and the sea, the south west side of the country provides the city with a frequent and pleasant breeze - which makes Edinburgh popularly called a windy city. This wind can be credited to the Gulf Stream which provides a warm air to the city. Sometimes, wind also come from the eastern direction - this wind is comparatively colder and does not bear rain.

This pleasant weather makes sight seeing in Edinburgh all the more pleasurable and that too at any time of the year. A good online would give you the much required update on the climatic conditions just before you fly and also will tell you about the weather predictions for the next few days.