Volunteer Abroad in Cambodia, China or Vietnam Now!

by : David Stevens

Volunteer Travel is getting more and more popular. Travellers are looking for an experience these days rather than for a trip. People are getting tired of the sightseeing holidays where they just go an see the sights but do not get to know the country and its people in depth. This is where volunteer travel comes in. It is a great way to really get to know the country and the people. Not only is this for many people a fulfilment of a dream to volunteer abroad and help people who need it, also it offers you a great experience of a new country and culture in a much more meaningful way.

Who does this volunteer travel ? Well, everyone ! Since these volunteering holidays can be from one week up to several months, this volunteer program is available to everyone and as a result people from all backgrounds are joining these volunteering opportunities. Many people on a gap year or sabbatical do this kind of travel. But also many professional people from all industries join these programs.

What do you do during your volunteering programs ? Well the main thing you will be doing is teaching English. To teach English as a volunteer is a lot of fun ! You usually do not need previous experience. The main thing is to have the right attitude to want to help the children whilst teaching English. You can also do help in the kitchen, take care or play with the children. Volunteers usually volunteer during weekdays and have the weekend off to do some sightseeing.

Where to go on your volunteer trip ? Well you can go around the world really. The most popular areas are Africa, Asia and South America. In Asia for example the countries that are getting very popular are Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

Cambodia is a very interesting country. After all the problems in the past, this country is rising up and developing. It is still a very poor country and needs a lot of volunteers. China is enjoying an economic boom but there are many people that get left behind. Those people very much need the help and support of volunteers from abroad. Vietnam is becoming the jewel of Asia. A lot of tourist go to Vietnam but the country is very difficult to get to know. Volunteer travel will give you the opportunity to really experience and understand this wonderful country.

Volunteering Abroad Programs are organised by volunteer agencies. There are many volunteer agencies so you need to find the right one for you. There seems to be a trend between the costly and affordable agencies. And overall when joining both types of agencies people can have a good experience. Usually the more expensive agencies have very nice offices, brochures and open days which off course reflects in the price they are offering. On volunteer agency that is getting fantastic reviews on a consistent basis is WLS International. WLS is a British medium sized agency mainly focusing on Asia. Their volunteer programs in Cambodia, China and Vietnam have been recommended as the best volunteering programs in that area of the world.