Create Your Own Promotions

by : jbillh

There are so many ways to win promotions by using a little creativity and imagination. The story below illustrates just one of the strategies you can use to get promoted.

One of my good friends and colleagues, John, learned of a need his company had and felt certain he could fill that need with his expertise and experience. He put together a plan that outlined the need to obtain the results he was proposing, and how they could be achieved. It went something like this:

1. We need to achieve "x" ("x" = a specific business outcome.)

2. I will lead the efforts given my experience, background, and skill-set.

3. I will need these specific 8 people based on their talents and skills, and the needs of the project.

4. We will need an operating budget of "x" for supplies, advertising, facilities, etc.

5. Six of the nine positions would be ongoing, while three would be temporary, (approximately 6 months.)

This is, of course, just a "nutshell" version of the proposal to give you the gist of it. Note, however, that he was very specific about what would be required to achieve the desired outcomes.

Although his proposal had considerable more detail than above, just his expertise in putting it together illustrated beyond doubt, that he was a very capable person. Then consider that he did all of this in addition to his regular duties, and without being asked. Good bosses long for employees who fully engage and contribute in this way.

John's proposal was accepted and he became the leader of 8 other full-time employees, doing a job he enjoyed and created based on his interests and talents. He literally went from being an underling in a lackluster position, to being a boss, with this one proposal. All of these results came about because he took the initiative to do something beyond his assigned duties.

It's easy to recognize the genius in this approach, but you have to also acknowledge that he put some real time and effort into discovering what the company really needed, and how he would fill that need. It was a significant win for him, his boss, and his new staff.

You may not always have the opportunity to create a new department, but I have seen several clever people create new jobs for themselves using this approach to one degree or another. This is a powerful strategy that can help you advance and be considered for even bigger promotions ahead.

Look around your company and see where the problems are. How might your talents be used to solve those problems? If you find a challenge you feel qualified to take on, you might want to look into creating your own customized position like John did.