Making The Most Of A Career In Writing

by : tjacowski

Writing is a skill that can be learned; it is a craft, and words can be used to craft pieces that express a lot. It is also a gift that involves a writer's ability to spin magic out of simple words. If you feel that you can make effective use of words in your writing and create something that will be more interesting and thoughtful than talking, then you can seriously think of a career in this field. A career in writing does not necessarily mean just playing with words; it means making an effort to mold them in order to express something that you cannot achieve when you speak. This is where the magic of writing lies.

Every writer has different reasons behind writing. Some do it just for fun and some take up writing as an income source to earn their living. No matter what the reason, the most important thing is that you should have the ability to create magic on paper by penning down words. Writing can give any individual a chance to profit. If you have the flair for writing and you want to take it up as your career then you have several opportunities in this field.

Career Options

Each career opportunity in writing may come with certain drawbacks and since it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it will take some time for you to start earning real money. The career opportunities that lie in this field range from positions such as print journalist, editor, freelance writer, content writer, technical writer, copy editor and more.

You can make a career in print journalism by taking up the profession of a newspaper and magazine reporter. This profession will give you a chance to write on various topics from politics to fashion to human interest. The best part is that you will get the opportunity gather the information yourself, in order to create a story or an article out of it. People with good writing skills can also opt for content or technical writing. If you don't want to work under someone you can also opt for freelance writing, although there is uncertainty of your articles getting published, but you can surely give it a shot. People with good writing skills can write novels and short stories and get them published. Although publishing a book is again not very certain, once completed it can ensure a good profit. It requires a lot commitment as far as time is concerned. You can also try your hand at corporate writing, which again is lucrative and tightly controlled.


Creating a blog account is another option for people who are interested in writing. You can create an account on the free blogging sites on the Internet and promote it through article marketing and link development. You can also try online writing where you can place articles on the Internet.

Writing may not seem to be a very promising career to many, but it certainly provides a great deal of satisfaction to those who find it interesting and have a penchant for it. It is advisable to practice writing everyday and be open to reading articles written by others, as you will get to learn more and improve your writing skills. There is no quick fix magic formula that will turn you into a good writer. It is a life's work.