The most visited destination in Mexico, according to estimates

by : Vivek Kuriyal

Overlooked for long as an important destination, Chihuahua City (‘Chi – Wau –Wah’) occupies almost 13 percent of Mexico’s total land space. However, it is a very important historical center, its atmosphere having a truly, deeply patriotic air about it. Moreover, a tour of Mexico without including the colonial heritage of Chihuahua would be somewhat incomplete. The colonial center boasts of striking colonial buildings, mansions and palaces along with attractive museums. In addition, there are attractions such as former houses of two of Mexico’s most famous leaders worth a look.

Chihuahua City has many areas, which are ideal for adventure and eco tourism, and the areas are of exceptional natural beauty. Another chief attraction is the famous breath-taking Copper Canyon train ride. The genuine Mexican feel and friendly atmosphere with the city’s historical significance and range of fine attractions make Chihuahua a must on Mexico’s map of tourist attractions. A stay here for 2 or 3 nights in some of the very best of Mexico hotels will help you discover the true hidden pearls of Mexico’s fine colonial heritage.

Amongst other key attractions is the City Cathedral, which overlooks the main plaza and is quite a dazzling structure. This is Mexico’s cowboy country so people fond of cowboy country can look forward to visiting many ranches around the outskirts of the city. The quaint avenue (Paseo de Simon Bolivar) of Simon Bolivar creased with villas and mansions and a park is a place where you can head towards to spend some quietFree Articles, quality time to yourself.