A Guide To Settling Down In Spain

by : Stellar Stevens

We all know that retirement is a big change in our lives and everyone copes with differently. Many people who have retired to Spain and their lives vary tremendously. One couple we know have built their new lives around crown green bowling.

They are members of their local club and play a minimum of three times per week. To some people this might seem a chore, but to - let's call them Eric and Lynne (their real names are Lynne and Eric) - this is 100% pleasure.

Eric and Lynne's skills have improved tremendously over the past couple of years of their lives. This sometimes necessitates them having to play more than three times per week because they keep progressing into the latter stages of knockout competitions. Oh no, not more pleasure. Just how much can a body stand?

There is a wide variety of members at their club. There are widowers with comb-overs. On this subject - why do they do that?

Do they think that nobody will notice?
Do they think it makes them look cool?
Do they think it makes them look younger?

I would say no to all three questions - but I am bald and proud of it. Yeah - right. Anyway, I digress.

I think I will be made to cut out the comb-over bit by my wife although she does appreciate the more creative efforts of these sad individuals. We often mark them out of ten. It's great because it can be done within earshot and they haven't a Scooby-Doo what we're talking about.

Other members include Merry Widows and lots and lots of happily married couples. The one thing they all have in common is that they all take the bowling very seriously. Some of them pretend they don't - but they do. Really.

We have never spoken about money with Eric and Lynne, but suffice it to say, it never seems an issue and they live comfortably. On their three trips to the bowling club, the festivities do not end when the bowling finishes. They always eat out at a variety of restaurants. All Spanish restaurants are compelled, by law, to serve what is known as a Menu del Dia at lunch-time. This translates as menu of the day of course.

The choice on these M's del D may be a little but limited but there is always something for everyone to enjoy and it is a cheap way of eating out. Much cheaper than evening eating out.

After the lunch-time sustenance where maybe a reasonable amount of alcohol is consumed, the festivities often continue to someone's house. Invariably, the Brit abroad has a very nice house with plenty of outside space including sunny and shady areas for which ever way you lean.

Other skills are now required as cards is the new sport. The competitive nature of the crown green bowler clearly does not end when leaving the
bowling club. Occasionally, these social days may last for twelve hours.

Basically this particular retirement is like-minded people thoroughly enjoying their well-earned retirement.