Book a Jamaica Honeymoon on a South Jamaica Beach

by : Ben Thompson

Thinking of a Jamaica Honeymoon, or a romantic getaway package, then try the unspoiled, untouched south coast of Jamaica, more specifically check out Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa

A Jamaica honeymoon would set the pulse racing, certainly the thought of finding a romantic getaway package somewhere on Jamaica is very appealing indeed. Why not escape the crowds this year with your lover, and head for the far less crowded south coast, and more specifically to Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa.

Sandals has over the years developed a certain reputation, but Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa is really just a very exclusive resort designed for couples, and at the same time is arguably the top all inclusive hotel in Jamaica, as well as being possibly the top beach resort in Jamaica too. Ignore the saucy and undeserved reputation and check out the outstanding features on offer.

There are 360 guest rooms and 80 luxurious suites on a fifty acre site, which in turn is part of a 500 acre nature reserve, and the resort is very beachfront to two lovely private white sand beaches, running for over two miles, backed by sea the most stunning varieties of blue and green.

The rooms and suites which are all beautifully furnished with either French, Dutch, or Italian themes according to which village they are in. All have private patios, balconies, with stunning ocean views.

This gorgeous all inclusive resort offers 7 restaurants, 3 bars, 4 pools, 3 spa tubs and a health club. In addition a good number of land and water sport and activities are included in the price, and the Spa has the full range of treatments, but unfortunately that costs extra.

Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa has the deserved reputation of being the best Sandals Resort anywhere in the Caribbean, and this shows in a number of small ways, which collectively make a difference.

There are more than enough rafts and seats for everyone at every pool. The resort is beautifully well maintained, the grass, flowers, and bushes make a lovely surrounding.

The service may be a little slow, but it is the Caribbean, and the staff do all the little things well, like replacing fridge items, or repairing things that occasionally go wrong.

Food is often a bit dull at an all inclusive, so what does Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa claiming to be the best all inclusive beach resort hotel in Jamaica have on offer.

Firstly Eleanor's a Caribbean restaurant serving conch, filet mignon, jerk salad, with great atmosphere, great service and very good food.

Jasmine's is an Asian restaurant, Guiseppes an Italian restaurant, great atmosphere, and food good enough to satisfy an Italian.

Bayside serves breakfasts and lunch and is mostly buffet style and busy which tells you something.

Bluefield's is right beside the sea, and a good place for jerk chicken, and Arizona's which has a Mexican touch to the food. Don't miss the Café de Paris, and their Irish Coffee. It is important to book early for the restaurant of your choice.

There are areas that are more suited to couples who want peace and quiet on their Jamaica honeymoon, and the pool by the Dutch village, and the beach by the Dutch and Italian village fit the bill exactly.

Let's face it Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa is a large resort, yet intimate, and whatever type of honeymoon you seek, it probably has the right answers for you.