Preparing For Your Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

by : Lewis Pennington

When it comes to traveling abroad, knowing the rules and regulations you will face from your own country as well as the destination country are important. Preparing for a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico can be a great opportunity to insure your travels will go off without a hitch, but there are some regulations and policies you should be well aware of before leaving the United States.

Starting January 23, 2007, the U.S Department of State required all air travelers to have a valid passport when leaving or entering the country. Applying for a U.S passport can take between 6- and 8-weeks depending on whether you choose to expedite the services or choose to wait. You will need to prepare well in advance to insure you make your flight safely and securely.

Be aware that while visiting Oaxaca, Mexico you are subject to Mexico's laws. Minor violations within the United States may not be so minor in Mexico. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for breaking the law. Brush up on Mexico's laws at a local library if necessary. You should also always carry the phone number or contact information for the U.S. Embassy as well as the U.S Consular Agency in the area you will be traveling in. Should you get in legal troubles, this should always be your first phone call.

Alcohol consumption should be handles with the utmost care. Unruly behavior can cause you to get in a lot of trouble with the local authorities. In addition, alcohol consumption is the leading cause of injury to tourists. Of course, use or possession of any type of drug is severely frowned on and dealt with harshly.

When it comes to knives and firearms, leave them at home. Even a pocketknife could cause troubles for you legally. The best rule of thumb is to simply not attempt to take any knife regardless of size over the border.

Of course, everyone loves to go water skiing or riding on a moped through the city. With so much to see, having something to get you from point A to point B is great. However, take caution when renting any type of vehicle. You will want to check for the insurance certificate as well as to insure the vehicle has been serviced properly.

Oaxaca, Mexico is a gorgeous location with over 155 miles of beaches. However, not all of those waters are safe to play in or swim. There have been many fatalities because the apparently calm water was rougher than expected. Even the most accomplished of swimmers can be overwhelmed. Check for a lifeguard, and try to always let someone know where you are.

Safety is the key to enjoying your stay in the beautiful state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Commonsense can go a long way, but you will need to educate yourself on the regulations and policies of the country as well as the state. Getting the most from your vacation or trip means knowing what you are getting into from the beginning. Yes, you can enjoy the pristine waters, but remember to use your head and leave the alcohol at home.