Travel to Italy Land of Beauty and History

by : IC

Italy, the land of beauty, fashion, history and culture has been regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. For those who like to travel and visit romantic places, Italy is the best place to stop at, not only it is romantic but it has extremely interesting buildings, monuments and architectural achievements which are part of history, so those who love to scrutinize the meaning behind art will find this place to be a fantastic historical and artistic puzzle.

When traveling to this fantastic country it is important to make sure you plan the tours you want to take and the places you want to visit since some tours and guides will show you around the most tourist places and other tours will take you on exclusive rides throughout a specific region. One thing is sure though, Italy is a big country which has much to offer to the tourist and it can't all be seen in just one trip.

Great musicians born in Italy have written and composed touching musical pieces and those who appreciate this form art dream about taking a gondola ride to the soothing and romantic lyrics of songs such as "O Sole Mio" or "Time to say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) - Andrea Boccelli & Sarah Brightman", as you may think this is definitively the perfect place to spend an unforgettable honey moon.

Once you are in Italy a couple of cities you definitively must visit are Rome and of course the already mentioned Venice, this doesn't mean that these two places hold all of Italy's attractions, it only means that there are several interesting landmarks which you definitively have to see in person. In Rome you can find the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon among several other landmarks and tourists attractions; Venice on the other hand is much appreciated and admired for being the "floating city" because all of it is placed on water. This city is actually sinking so as a tourist it is better to visit this beautiful place while it is still a float!

Whenever you decide to take some time of and get a way for a couple of weeks your plans should definitively include Italy because of the many attractions, culture, architecture and rich heritage which can't be found anywhere else. Italy is best known for its fantastic people and it's definitively a place which most tourists hope to be in at least once in their lifetime.