The Sights And Sounds Of Sydney

by : Gaizka Pujana

The Opera House and the Harbor Bridge have, along with koalas and kangaroos, become an emblem of Australia. Designed by Jorn Utzon and completed in the 1973, the Opera House has defied aging and looks as fresh as it ever did. Today you can take a tour of the Opera House with one of their experienced guides. Such a tour will introduce you to the history of the building, its architecture and the day-to-day running of the site. If that isn't enough you could opt for a Backstage Tour of the Opera House where you will be able to stand on the Concert Hall or Opera Theatre stages, and enjoy a bite to eat in the Green Room, where you may run into famous faces. Alternatively, you could experience the Opera House in all its glory, by going to see one of the 3,000 annual performances held in its auditoriums.

For a different view of the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and indeed the entire city why not try a harbor cruise. There are many cruises to choose from depending on the type of experience you want. You can opt for a short cruise which would last between an hour and two and half hours showing you the major sites whilst providing a light tea. Alternatively, you may choose from an opera cruise, a salsa cruise, a private cruise, a jump-on-jump-off cruise, a rock n' roll cruise, a dinner cruise, a lunch cruise.the list goes on.

If you are looking for something alternative, or even something for the kids whilst you enjoy your opera cruise, Sydney shares the same young attitude that the rest of the country does. Extreme sports are a part of the culture here and you'll have no problem finding skaters, surfers, jumpers and any other variation of "-ers". Oceanworld gives the opportunity to dive with sharks, whilst the Sydney Skywalk on top of the Sydney Tower provides a birds eye of the city from a whopping 260m altitude. To get a little closer to nature, you can even do a safari without leaving the city limits in the Taronga Zoo where you can go spot the animals at night and even sleep over in a tent.

If tenting isn't quite the ideal accommodation for you, Sydney provides all you could ever need as an alternative. Hotels range from budget to top notch luxury hotels with the level of service you would expect in the USA or Europe. There are also an increasing number of boutique hotels which provide a more personal experience, and for those with a lower budget there's hostels, backpackers, and bed and breakfasts.