City of Charleston: A Colorful Destination

by : Vivek Kuriyal

... the attention of tourists from all over the globe. Commercially important and vibrant city with lots of interesting venues, this city is hub of chemical factories and other commercial ventures. Charleston is situated at the confluence of two rivers Kanawha (kuh-NAW-uh) and Elk. You find people representing different streams of profession like government, health care, law, engineering and medicine in the city.

City of Charleston offers a bunch of fabulous attractions to the visitors. It is highly improbable that someone does not visit the impressive State Capital Complex even if he or she is in the city only for few hours. You are surely going to encounter the rarest Black squirrels over there. For historical inquisitiveness, you can head toward the State History Museum. The grandeur of “Lincoln Walks in the night" statue also interests the visitors. Variegated festivals in summer are good opportunities to know the culture and life of people in the city.

Never forget to walk down the Capitol Street in downtown, especially from Washington Street to Kanawha Blvd which possesses fascinating architecture. It is an important street because of several lined coffee shops, art galleries, restaurantsFree Web Content, bars and nightclubs. Many splendid malls in the city along the streets also attract the attention of the tourists. You can quench your thirst of seeing marvelous architectures and historical heritages in Charleston. One region that features absolutely fresh air is Kanawha State Forest which possesses numerous hiking and biking trails. For Sunrise Children Museum is a fantastic place of entertainment.