9 Steps To Become A Travel Nurse

by : ameenmk

If you go to a website that belongs to a nurse recruitment company, they will have a similar article to this one. But one of the first things they will tell you is to choose a company to work with.


Step 1. Decide where you want to travel. This will dictate which company you go with.
Are you looking to live in a large city or small town? East or west coast? Maybe even Hawaii or Alaska? Your location plays a large role in your next decisions.

Step 2. Decide what you want from your travel company.
What benefits do you want? Do you require private housing or is a roommate ok? Do you want your housing paid or 100% or will you pay for part of it? Do you want your insurance to start the day you start with the company or is it ok to wait one month after you start working?

All these are benefits that the travel companies play with the get the best package for themselves. If the travel company can get you to pay for something, it will. If you say no, they will pay for it rather then lose you as a client.

Step 3. Research travel companies online
Some companies like American Mobile are very large and have lots of assignments all around the country. So do their sister companies: Medical Express, Preferred Healthcare, Nurses RX, Grady Peyton, and NurseChoice. Other smaller travel companies specialize in one geographic area: like California, or Hawaii.

Step 4 Get these companies to contact you.
Filling out their application will mean getting calls and emails from several of the companies. They are almost desperate to have you as a client.

Or you can just contact one or two that you really like, but remember, if one company can do something, the others can as well. Except when it comes to assignments. The larger companies typically have more contracts with more hospitals which means more assignments to choose from.

Step 5. Talk to the recruiters.
You want a recruiter that you get along with, is knowledgeable, and that you can trust. This person will be your lifeline while you are traveling. If this person is not responsive now, while they are still trying to get you as a client, they will not be responsive when they have to work for you.

Since you already have your destination choose, hare this with all the recruiters and make them give you a list of all available assignments that they have.

Step 6. Compare all the assignment including pay and scheduling. Also compare the recruiters and company benefits. Choose the company that best offers what you want.

Step 7. Fill out all the forms for the travel company (there are a lot). You also need to apply for a license in the state you are traveling to.

Step 8. Once you are ready to go, you must interview with the hospital you have chosen to work at. They will decide if they want you and you decide if you want them. If it is a yes from both sides, you are ready to go.

Step 9, Get your housing assignment from your travel company, and get all your affairs in order and go!